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Freedom of speech is understood to be fundamental in a democracy. The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights.

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No sexual abuse is ever acceptable. Sex offense laws and policies should be based on sound research and common sense, not fear, panic or paranoia. Current laws and policies that paint all sex offenders with one broad brush are counter- productive, wasteful, and cause needless harm. Each offense must be judged on its own merits with a punishment that fits the crime and does not waste taxpayer dollars. The public sex offender registry and residency restriction laws do not protect children but instead ostracize and dehumanize individuals and their families. Money spent on purely punitive measures would be better used for prevention, healing, and rehabilitation.

The author of SO FAQ does not affiliate with any other organization or people on the internet or the world for that matter. I have been saying this since I first logged on to the internet. Just because I like organizations like the ACLU; does not mean I believe in everything they believe in or stand for. Just like in our great country when we vote; we will never believe in everything the candidate we vote for; believes in or stands for. That doe not mean we are should not vote.


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My Story of A Life Sentence Of Injustice

My Story Updated November 17 2017:

The more I experience the internet the more I am convinced it is controlled by self righteous Christians, or those that believe they are Christians. The sad fact is about 50% of those who believe they are Christians are not. Those who believe they are Christians that are banging away on their keyboards seeking to kill all sex offenders with all their false judgments about people; will here this is in the end "I never knew you: "depart from me, ye that work iniquity."  I hope I will get to see this if I am in the next life at that time. I also hope I can see all those so called Christians that find out they are not saved after the rapture and try to make amends, and become saved. These people will experience what the sex offenders; they helped create, experiences by not being able to: buy or sell. At any rate; we all get what we have coming to us. 99% of Christianity is not only condemned by Satan but of the very God they think they worship; while torturing the RSO with out any regard of human decency.

Having said all that. The greatest comedian that has ever lived, in my opinion; who is also being condemned to death by the media, for consensual sex acts; brought something to light for me. I have been saying for years that I put Mr. K's penis in my mouth for 30 seconds. After seeing Luis CK on stage acting out a penis in his mouth for 20 seconds; I now say it was 5 seconds tops.

Here is a link to the 2017 Netflix special I am talking about:
Although this is not the link I was referring to, I like it because it says 85% of all people has sucked a penis. It is very funny; Luis CK is always funny.

Go here:

Then go to 3 minutes and and 6 seconds. It is 6:00 before the Netflix ends; in case you have to use another link.

Again the name of this special is: Louis C.K Netflix special filmed in Washington D.C. and premiered April 4, 2017

Here is the script from:
"And then decide. Just for like 20 seconds. [woman] Whoo! That’s a long time. That’s 20 seconds. That’s a long time to have a dick in your mouth… that you’re ambivalent about. [audience laughing] It’s 20 sec… If you have a dick in your mouth for 20 seconds, you are not deciding. Twenty seconds. This is… I’ll show you. This is 20 seconds with a dick in your mouth. [audience laughing] [audience applauding and cheering] No. [audience laughing] No. Yeah, I decided not to suck that dick… that’s been in my mouth all day. [audience laughing]"

The best advice I can give anyone these days is; to distance yourself from anything or anyone called Christian. Put as much space as you can between you; and it or them.

My Story of A Life Sentence Of Injustice

My Story Updated May 04 2016:

I am posting this story as a example of how oral sex is not the same as actual sex, not to mention just touching the mouth to someone's privates is not the same as oral sex; to any sane person. This story is a example of how the bar is lowered legally by oral sex. This kind of thing will continue to build as sanity will eventually take hold of our legal system. This type of open mindedness this will grow like a snowball into the future guarantied. Anyone that study's the future can only come to the conclusion that openness about sex an sexuality is a inevitability.

Now I understand that there are many closed minded people out there who judge false judgments no matter what. I always implore people like that to be very careful not to lie to themselves as they spout lies about others; because this will be held against you by karma or what ever religion you subscribe to; or just plan common sense. I used to be a very closed minded person against any type of LGBT behavior. Now for over 20 years now; I have been on the forefront of fighting for LGBT rights! I had to learn the hard way! I do not wish the destructive tragedy that has befallen me and them that care about me; on my worst enemies.

Oklahoma court: oral sex is not rape if victim is unconscious drinking:

The ruling sparked outrage among critics who argue the judicial system engaged in victim-blaming and upholding outdated notions about rape and sexual assault


 The dean of the CUNY School of Law called the Oklahoma rape ruling ‘appropriate’ but the law ‘archaic’. Photograph: Spencer Weiner/LA Times via Getty Images
Wednesday 27 April 2016 16.47 EDT  Last modified on Wednesday 27 April 2016 17.48 EDT  
An Oklahoma court has stunned local prosecutors with a declaration that state law doesn’t criminalize oral sex with a victim who is completely unconscious.
The ruling, a unanimous decision by the state’s criminal appeals court, is sparking outrage among critics who say the judicial system was engaged in victim-blaming and buying outdated notions about rape.
But legal experts and victims’ advocates said they viewed the ruling as a sign of something larger: the troubling gaps that still exist between the nation’s patchwork of laws and evolving ideas about rape and consent.
The case involved allegations that a 17-year-old boy assaulted a girl, 16, after volunteering to give her a ride home. The two had been drinking in a Tulsa park with a group of friends when it became clear that the girl was badly intoxicated. Witnesses recalled that she had to be carried into the defendant’s car. Another boy, who briefly rode in the car, recalled her coming in and out of consciousness.
The boy later brought the girl to her grandmother’s house. Still unconscious, the girl was taken to a hospital, where a test put her blood alcohol content above .34. She awoke as staff were conducting a sexual assault examination.
Tests would later confirm that the young man’s DNA was found on the back of her leg and around her mouth. The boy claimed to investigators that the girl had consented to performing oral sex. The girl said she didn’t have any memories after leaving the park. Tulsa County prosecutors charged the young man with forcible oral sodomy.
But the trial judge dismissed the case. And the appeals court ruling, on 24 March, affirmed that prosecutors could not apply the law to a victim who was incapacitated by alcohol.
“Forcible sodomy cannot occur where a victim is so intoxicated as to be completely unconscious at the time of the sexual act of oral copulation,” the decision read. Its reasoning, the court said, was that the statute listed several circumstances that constitute force, and yet was silent on incapacitation due to the victim drinking alcohol. “We will not, in order to justify prosecution of a person for an offense, enlarge a statute beyond the fair meaning of its language.”
Benjamin Fu, the Tulsa County district attorney leading the case, said the ruling had him “completely gobsmacked”.
“The plain meaning of forcible oral sodomy, of using force, includes taking advantage of a victim who was too intoxicated to consent,” Fu said. “I don’t believe that anybody, until that day, believed that the state of the law was that this kind of conduct was ambiguous, much less legal. And I don’t think the law was a loophole until the court decided it was.” To focus on why the victim was unable to consent, he continued, puts the victim at fault.
But several legal experts declined to fault the appeals court, saying instead that the ruling should be a wake-up call for legislators to update Oklahoma’s laws.
Michelle Anderson, the dean of the CUNY School of Law who has written extensively about rape law, called the ruling “appropriate” but the law “archaic”.
“This is a call for the legislature to change the statute, which is entirely out of step with what other states have done in this area and what Oklahoma should do,” she said. “It creates a huge loophole for sexual abuse that makes no sense.”
Jennifer Gentile Long, who leads a group, AEquitas, that guides prosecutors in sexual and domestic violence cases, agreed. She said the Oklahoma law was an example of a gulf that still exists in some places between the law and evolving notions around consent and sexual agency.
Oklahoma has a separate rape statute that protects victims who were too intoxicated to consent to vaginal or anal intercourse, Long noted. But “there are still gaps in the ways laws are written that allow some cases to fall through the cracks,” she said. “This case” – because it did not involve vaginal rape but an oral violation – “seems to be one of them”.
In the wake of the ruling, Fu has said he will push for lawmakers to change the code. Many states have engaged in a broad overhaul of their rape laws in recent years, Anderson said, part of a movement to fall in line with the modern understanding of rape.
“There is a recognition that social mores have changed, that the law should now try to protect sexual autonomy as opposed to sexual morality,” she said. Often, the law changes after an outcry over unpopular court rulings.
The Oklahoma appeals court declined to make the ruling a precedent. But Fu said he has learned that other defendants are nevertheless making the same argument in other parts of Oklahoma to avoid charges.
The defendant’s attorney, Shannon McMurray, was not available for comment. She told Oklahoma Watch, which was first to report the ruling, that prosecutors were clearly in the wrong to charge the young man with forcible sodomy, and not a lesser crime of unwanted touching.
“There was absolutely no evidence of force or him doing anything to make this girl give him oral sex,” McMurray said, “other than she was too intoxicated to consent.”

and from:

Over the years, the definition of rape has evolved with a changing society. In many parts of the world, the acknowledgement and prosecution of rape has not progressed beyond the time when women were listed as property along with slaves and horses and, therefore, unable to be violated.
For much of human history, rape, if acknowledged at all, was usually reserved for married women in the upper echelons of society who were violated by men that were not their husbands.
In the United States, progress has been made, albeit slowly. Victims are still blamed for being raped and prosecutions are rare due to the evidence (or lack thereof) being reduced to a “he said/she said” dichotomy.
As a nation of laws that are, in theory, designed to bring fairness in the pursuit of justice, much of the debate around rape has centered on semantics. This was never more clearly illustrated by recent decision by an appeals court in Oklahoma.
The case involved a 17-year old boy accused of forcible oral sodomy on a 16-year-old girl who was unconscious, having passed out after a night of drinking. The girl had no memory of consent, and was only aware that she had been raped when she awoke in the midst of the sexual assault examination.
Read more:

On Friday, in his National Journal column, noted legal writer Stuart Taylor questioned whether Clinton chose that construction to artfully allow the possibility that he had engaged in oral sex with Lewinsky. (In similar scandals, other politicians have claimed that extramarital oral sex did not constitute adultery—a distinction that some allege Clinton has made as well.)

My Story of A Life Sentence Of Injustice

My Story Updated May 04 2016:

There was this American artist who was labeled a artist since he was old enough to use a pencil. This artist practiced his whole life to be great enough to live up to his name. Always learning what to do and not to do and what to accentuate in the form of art. He took drafting in every year of high school only to be better at art. He started sending art work to skateboard company's in California from the east coast in the 1980's. This artist moves to Vista, California in the late 1980's with his one and only wife till this day. This artist actually gets a contract for working for a multi million dollar skateboard company doing graphic design art work; with no college at all. His wife joins the army to get money for her to go to college and gets moved to Killeen Texas by the US Army. Then he gets put behind bars for a sex offence he never committed in the center of Collin County, Texas. He then goes to college for seven years and learns and masters every form of art: all forms of digital art, three d art, animation, printing, water color, oil painting, acrylic painting and of course what he has always mastered drawing. He ends up with 3 diplomas in graphic design and every art coarse there is; taken 3 times over, and 3 life times worth of art saved up. All of this for nothing and due to sex

 offender registration maybe the most awesome artist around is the most shunned with no future at all in any form of art; with no hope ever in finding a job in any kind of art ever. The only reward for a life time of reaching and practicing to be the best artist ever; is a endless attack by people he never met on the internet and in the media and the law. What a sad, sad, sad story it is.       

April 18 2016:

I did a researched my record and found that the Texas Department of Public Safety took my records out of the Collin County Court House that I was tried in. They must not like this page:, or free speech of the constitution of Texas or the Constitution of the United States.

They requested these 20 year old files from the court house in 2014. It just so happens that RVW:
processed me that same year and after 18 years of processing; 2014 was my worst visit to the McKinney Police and the CC Sheriff's Department; I ever had. I began to be treated as if I was on probation or parole in 2014; by RVW. I should have been treated as if my so called offence was 20 years old and I was given deferred adjudicated! Deferred adjudicated is not a conviction at all; by law! I should not even have to register as a sex offender per my lawyers home page here:

March 31 2016

I found this great quote that I thought fit me and people like me that believe they were charged with a sex offence they never committed:

"how can you hate me when you don’t even know me?"
Daryl Davis: How can you hate me?
I am looking forward to seeing his new movie.


 A Film By
 Thiago Da Costa & Owen Cooper
A Figura Media Release, HD, 75 minutes


While completing a feature film about Daryl Davis' work with racists in the past, the filmmakers, along with Daryl have also created a TV series idea with Daryl as its host. This project is conceived as a tour of American where Daryl and his band travel the country playing in different towns by night and investigating issues related to racism in those same towns during the day.

March 27 2016

I just sent a email to my mom who is helping my favorite uncle; as he may have to prepare to the after life:

I do not know how to respond to your last email. I do not like death. I am so happy I do not have to care for dying people. It transcends me and not for the better to have the burden of taking care of dying people. Why it never haunts people that doing the job I was assigned to do in Texas, and being amerced in caring for dying people; had something to do with me loose myself, and end up with a life time of sex offender registration. I still hold out hope that the local law enforcement here; would at least try to do the right thing concerning my case, and anyone like me if they exist.

adjective: dying
on the point of death.
"he visited his dying mother"
synonyms: terminally ill, at death's door, on one's deathbed, near death, fading fast, expiring, moribund, not long for this world, in extremis; More
informalon one's last legs, having one foot in the grave
"his dying aunt"
•occurring at or connected with the time that someone dies.
"he strained to catch her dying words"
synonyms: final, last; deathbed
"her dying words"
antonyms: first
•gradually ceasing to exist or function; in decline and about to disappear.
"stone-cutting is a dying art"
synonyms: declining, vanishing, fading, ebbing, waning; informalon the way out
"a dying art form"
antonyms: thriving

My Story Updated December 09 2015:

I dedicate this blog to the book and the movie: Fahrenheit 451
Fahrenheit 451 (1966) Full Movie
Video for fahrenheit 451 (film)? 1:37:50
Fahrenheit 451 (1966) Full Movie
Fahrenheit 451 - YouTube - Trailer
Video for fahrenheit 451 (film)? 4:19
Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 movie adaptation. ... The film is good, a good adaptation of Bradbury's novel ...

My Story Updated November 16 2015:

A photo of the award given to me in my great year of 2013.

I want to cover 3 points about my character the first thing I want to cover is my ability to not be aroused by pornography. Basically that this is true. The Plethsmograph is quit a different story I had to imagine my self with my wife to get aroused by that. I can not be aroused by porn simply watching it. One of the first things I did besides become a democrat when I was falsely arrested for a consensual sexual act between two adults of sound minds: I became very politically active.

November 30 2015: My dad died just before I got arrested for the sex offence that I never committed and of is the reason behind this entire blog. I have always held to the belief that my dad's death lead to me being arrested for all these lies. I loved my dad. I did not understand him him during my childhood because of a bad divorce that I am sure he had his hand in. In my adult life I learned that my dad was the least of the problem. Who care; the bottom line was I finally reconciled with my dad and that gave me great strength in my life. All children of parents should at least forgive their parents to succeed in life and have peace with themselves. My dad was the strictest man on earth. My friends called him the general. Anyone that knew my dad during my childhood would agree with me that my dad was a police officer twenty four seven. He always drove the speed limit for instance; even on long trips to go skiing up north. He knew the law and obeyed it to the letter and this is what I have based my life on also. My father is a part of who I am. He is in my blood and I am a police officer in a way. He was a police officer for half my life. He retired with glory and the admiration of all his friends on the force. They loved him and hung out with him years after he retired. I heard story's about how he jumped of a parking garage structure to catch bad guys and hurt his back and how some guy clobbered him with a chair also hurting his back. He ended up with a desk job he got really good at and even traveled training for it. I had my life threatened at least twice for being a cops son. I was poor when I first started out on my own and lived in some bad parts of town. My home town where my dad was a cop. I also was almost beat up pretty bad for being a cops son. Such was life in the 1970's and early 80's a few miles from New York City. When you almost die or get beat up just because your a cops son makes you learn to hate crime.

When I was blogging on the site I was one of the first people to stand up for women’s rights. When you bloged there it would have suggestions for tags you wanted to ad. I was the first person to ad women’s rights as a tag. Once I realized this, I got really into it. It is like one of those things. you say this is a great cause with not enough people acting on it. It seems bigots need to hate someone and since gays and blacks are arrest able offences today they have moved on to sex offenders and the always expectable prejudice: women. The year of 2014 holiday season commercials by Wal-Mart boggled my mind at how sexist they were. The man sat in a easy chair while the woman slaved in the kitchen cooking the turkey and on and on. I hooked up with people like women’s law center and the rest is internet history. I even have a certificate acknowledging this by Amnesty International. This kind of thing and my trying to make a career out of body building has made me immune to pornography. One of the first steps in women’s rights excepting the exploitation of women and the bigoted womanizing objectifying of women. The more you focus on this the more you realize how repulsive porn is. Let’s face it porn is all about objectifying women. When you do as much research in women’s rights and how we exploit women in society; that is the first thing you think of at the mere mention of porn.

I do not know how many deranged people are into weird porn like children or animal sex. In my opinion and what has always been my outspoken opinion and polygraph certified as well; is that animal porn and children porn are the same. I do not pretend to understand why people are at aroused by children or rape or exposing themselves in public. I have always thought that you may as well have sex with a animal or a slab of meat then to have sex with anyone under 21 years old. The reason is that when you are to young to even know what sex is about; what is the difference between a young person and a pork roast. Sex is for love only. Also I have never understood how someone can force themselves on someone else and be sexually aroused. I have always froze up in public as well, never mind expose my self and actually being aroused by this. I have always proclaimed this while attending the forced upon me; college of learning about sex offences, of my 11 years of the strictest probation in our country.

It astonishes me to this day when you here something in television shows and movies about the internet; you almost always here something about porn. It is no secret that Hollywood loves to demonize transgender people and sex offenders and the internet and women and more. Also I have never cursed in the thousands of pages I have posted on the internet. I have always thought of cursing on the internet like exposing yourself and just plain gross. Unless you are a paid entertainer why would you curse on the internet? To show others how uneducated you are?  I have always only seen the positive: necessary peace keeping aspects of the internet. Since the internet has become more excepted by our society there have never been less human rights violations in the history of the world. The only people against the internet are the people who want to hurt other people. Now if we can only get rid of the haters trolling the internet.

I started to trying to make a living from bodybuilding around 1982. I even had a pro bodybuilder as my coach; Jerry Augustine. He actually appears in the first addition of the book Pumping Iron. He is pictured in a dark room oiling up before a show in Massachusetts I think. He was a great man and was a body builder in Vietnam search and destroy Army; like my wife. He actually had dumbbells on his back pack.  I started obsessively lifting weights when I was 13 years old and did not stop until I left my job as a professional artist in 1990. I then started again in 1999 and did not stop until 2008. I now do aerobic style work outs combined with isometric style stretching as I am now too old to use weights without the high probability of injuring myself. The point I am trying to make is even though I am embarrassed to admit it I am obsessed with my own body. I am so obsessed that if I were to watch porn the first thing I see is the flaws in other humans. All I can thing of is excrement coming out of them or blemishes and the basic abnormalities every human possess. I also am too critical of the human body to enjoy watching others have sex and be aroused by that.

The other two points I wanted to make was being raised as a decorated police officer’s son in my small hometown and being married to my one and only wife for 30 years now who is a honored US Army vet. I will try to find time to expound on this some more latter. Until then if you search for this on this blog you should find a bevy of information on these subjects.

I refuse to put a new date on something that is old news. From now on if I post updates to the page that is not new I am not going to put a new date. When I post things like the following it is just my war song. Things I tell myself as I battle with injustices not just of those that are tangible; but the intangible as well.These are things I tell my self while I deal with the injustices that have been dealt to me and mine. I do not believe in dealing with the thoughts of opposition against me like this, on a physical plane; but rather where all the true power of the world exists; on a spiritual level. This is not a excuse to not vote or write my senators and representatives, sign petitions and stay politically active and support people like the ACLU; of whom I am still a card carrying member. Cursing my enemies on a spiritual level takes allot more of my time and energy to protect me and my loved ones. I am not trying to force my beliefs on anyone; because I believe in our country, and freedom of religion, and separation of church and state.

This blog is not for people to be critical of what is posted here and if the reader is critical of anything here than that means they did not read the disclaimer on the top of each of the pages here and are not welcome here and should stop reading and leave this blog upon my request and in the name of freedom of speech, and my rights as a American citizen.

I always planed on being a professional artist. I was a professional artist in the late 1980's; years before my arrest in 1996 for a sex offence; I basically never committed and have had to register as a sex offender ever since then. I was arrested in McKinney Texas when it still was a small sized city with barely 40,000 people and still steeped in prejudice and homophobia and the like in 1995 when we moved here. McKinney Texas was the last town to legally publically hang someone before it was given charge of by the state.:

The last man executed by hanging in Collin County (and most of Texas) Mr. Stepp was the last legal execution in Collin County before the State assumed the task. The fatal day was November 17, 1922.

I have only one so called sex offence that has pretty much ruined my life. No problems before and no problems to this day 20 years latter in my entire life with the law. I was taking a sculpture class in  Collin County in 2003 and I mentioned to someone in class I believed I could make a good living from my art and she said to me who do you think you are Lizzie Borden? In other words are you going to use you so called crime to help sell your art. This was a staff member who like everyone that worked there knew of my having to register without me telling them. Most likely as the years go by; it seems she was right. I made almost two thousand dollars in two transactions selling my art back in the late 1980's. Now that I have 3 diplomas and over 120 credit hours in college at a 4.0 grade average in graphic design; I have not made one penny selling my art since my job in the late 1980's. Being a artist with all the ability anyone could ask for and also paid my dues in college and having no possibility of ever prospering from it is the definition of cruel and unusual punishment. All the heartache and the pain on this page is something I would never wish on any human on earth. Yet thanks to media and the internet; mob mentality rule keeps heaping injustices on citizens of our country without regard for the constitution of our country or basic human rights.

Before you read this page*.you should remember my dad. My father was a highly decorated police officer of our great country; who would have given his entire life to make this all go away, and rightfully so. I am not a sex offender and never was! I do know this; the people who our country label as sex offenders are not sex offenders; they are human beings who 88% of the time, have gone astray and that is it, no mystery or philological anomaly.

My dad died only a few years before I was arrested for a sex offence; I never committed. I was living in Killeen, Texas when he left this earth; waiting for my wife to be released from The United States Army. The land that I love.

*.any further you should know I have never committed a sex offence in my life. If I said this before I was arrested for my so called sex offence by a overly zealous detective in the redneck small town that I had just moved to back in 1995; I would not know what I was talking about. But after being on the strictest probation know to man for 11 years and attending shock psychotherapy once a week for all that time; never missing 1 week for fear of prison.

I would like to correct this part. I do not  believe in fear and blame fear for the torture of all registered sex offenders in our country which will eventually be part of the reason of why we will eventually fall unless we change our foolish paranoid self destructive human rights violations.

Why am I explaining myself to you? If you read the disclaimer at the top of the page of every page on this blog; I dedicate this to you and my bro who left the south :

"American You"

Man you got it all worked out, don't you? Old pair of shoes
Never wear your heart on your sleeve cause it don't go with the suit
You got a bad, bad woman with a young little pretty face
They told you not to go get married but you went and did it anyway
Singin', oh sweet sounds of American you
Never miss a Sunday service, never got tattoos
Every time we drive by wavin', I see right through
Doo doo doo doo doo doo, f@ck you too
Mama said steer clear of the devil so you never played in the road
Always lookin' on the bright side, so you never see the potholes
You got a house on a hill, big news, that's a big deal
Big party with your big time friends, man imagine how that feels
Singin', oh sweet sounds of American you
Never miss a Sunday service, never got tattoos
Every time we drive by wavin', I see right through
Doo doo doo doo doo doo, f@ck you too
Doo doo doo doo doo doo, f@ck you too
I believe in the modest dream, ain't lookin' for a pot of gold
A 6 pack and some good marijuana I can watch my mama roll
I believe I can buy a few things like a house with a nice pool
Invite my nobody friends to the party and we'll be in it, f@ck you
You got a blue collar father who drinks Budweiser out the bottle
20 dollars, an old Impala, a baby's mama
You work hard, you don't beg, you don't borrow
Night at the factory, daytime job at McDonald's
Your daddy told you that girl was nothin' but a problem
But you fell in love cause to you she was like a supermodel
And they told you not to go get married but you went and did it anyway
It ain't no problem
You make something out of nothing, you make money for a living
Pushing buttons, digging ditches, flipping burgers in the kitchen
With a vision you been dreaming, you been savin'
You been givin' nothin' but sh@t
You take it cause you're patient in this prison
f@ck everybody dissing, it ain't them who's gotta live in this skin
With all these tattoos that you got, it f@cking offends them
If it's you that I'm speakin' to, you must be my extension
I take my drink up and sip it, take my hat off and tip it
Oh sweet sounds of American you
Never miss a Sunday service, never got tattoos
Every time we drive by wavin', I see right through
Doo doo doo doo doo doo, f@ck you too
Doo doo doo doo doo doo...
Oh sweet sounds of American you
Never miss a Sunday service, never got tattoos
Every time we drive by wavin', I see right through
Doo doo doo doo doo doo, f@ck you too
Doo doo doo doo doo doo, f@ck you too

Come back to south Yela and fall like the rest of us; because that is how freedom is won.

I know what your saying. He must be thinking there must have been some kind of conspiracy against him. Then think back not long ago:

"In addition, it now seems clear that during the era of the Atlantic slave trade, many and perhaps most of the enslaved were kept in Africa. It is imaginable that as many as 60 million Africans died or were enslaved as a result of these various slave trades."


If the south had a hand in killing 60,000.000 people; who am I? 60,000.000 makes the Holocaust pale in comparison.

I want to ad this one more thing. When I access this blog on a cell phone the counter on this blog does not count it. That is why I added the extra counter on the bottom of each page of this blog and it does not count that either.

I am a expert on sex offences from those 11 years of soaking it all in like a sponge. Even my so called physiotherapist said after going over my sexual history with me for about a month said I never committed a sex offence before my arrest (his exact words were "I never did anything illegal". I was polygraphed right after my sexual history interrogation and passed it with flying colors. I had searched my soul a million times since my life was basically destroyed by being labeled a sex offender back in 1996. About 3 years ago; I thought long and hard and decided to pray from that moment on about all them that call me a sex offender and to include in those prayers that I have never committed a sex offence. I do not play around when I pray it is and always has been a very serious thing to me. Today I was mulling over all of that and thought maybe it was time for me to share this online. Because I had no idea about sex offences before I was condemned; I am a firm believer in prevention of sex offences through education. Unfortunately I believe this is a unwelcome idea in our country when it seems like people would just like to wait till someone commits a offence so we have someone to destroy, someone to hate, someone to demonize. Condemning sex offenders has become the new prejudice. It is really no different than the Roman coliseums. Rome fell for reasons exactly like this and we may have to fall before we learn. There is always hope though. and everyday is a chance to turn it all around.

May 04 2015:

Added new page today: What I have Been Through updated May 4 2015

I have more I papers I wrote on my job, my neighbors and the college I went to, and how people treated me, while I had to register. These papers are huge and are equal in size to What I have Been Through updated May 4 2015 and My Story Updated April 29 2015 . I hope someday people will look back on this information as how someone was continually persecuted by the mob mentality of the right wing religious fanatics that have been given great political power in this day and age we all live in. A lesson well learned by our society as a whole; to help everyone prosper and learn to be great by learning from other's mistakes. Religion and politics do not mix, we must learn from our forefathers of our great country; who saw the importance of separation of church and state.

Also I added a new web counter today.

April 29 2015:

I never mentioned anything about social networking here. I do not want to put anyone down for it; that would be un-American. In America we believe how ever we want; as long as we do not hurt our self or others. Belief it self is very powerful. I believe love is the most powerful force. 

I have never been interested in social media. Obviously to a certain extent I must be wrong. It is just what I have always been comfortable with. I had to get a My Space account back around 2003. I really wanted to be in this cool art gallery down in Deep Elem. I saw it when I was at the art bar. I was in the last art bar show. It was called we killed the art bar. I made up the name. I never liked bar's either and hated having my art there. After the show I visited a gallery called The Kettle; I think. The only way to email the Kettle was to have a My Space account. I had opened and closed this account in about a couple weeks time. I never liked the friends thing. I used to always be suspicious if I aloud a friend and they were bad people then other people would think I was bad. The gallery went out of business like most great gallery's and I no longer cared about having a social media account since. I always protest online if a human rights organization uses a social media only as a way of communicating. When you protest to the protester and you are right; things get done, that is a fact I have learned. I love the internet; I do. I believe and will always believe the internet and free speech is how peace on earth could be possible. I used to have a security program; when I first got into the internet that would block all social media pages and classified them as dating websites. I always thought well I am happily married so why bother with that? That's all I can say. Like I said I am comfortable with not being apart of social media and that's ok for me. I support what is ok with people and I hope that people around me would always support what is ok with me. In Texas it is not hard to find people who are oblivious to the internet, I love these folks, really. Think of it? I am kind of jealous of them. I guess I am a record keeper, I believe in documenting things and it's importance. That is why I need to have a blog or a website; if for no one eels for my own records and learning.

I never looked at social media that way till, I saw the movie Birdman. Yes I think Birdman was the best movie for that year and can see why people protested it when I was not nominated. There is a scene in the movie when one of the characters talks about Facebook. Some people actually think your a bad person if you do not have a Facebook account. The dad seems like me; oblivious to this. I am so glad they did not have a scene, where the dad started a Facebook page. It is just a movie. To enjoy a movie I can never take it serious; as well as all art from Renoir paintings to comic books to YouTube; the only way for me to enjoy entertainment is to not take it serious; at all. I think most people are like this without even knowing it. If you take all entertainment as reality you really need to talk to someone, very badly. Someone famous person said that you should never take love songs seriously. If you base any part of your relationship on love songs you will never have a successful relationship. I thought it was John Lennon, but I can't find who. I believe that way about entertainment in what ever form it takes. I believe this is the healthiest way a person can think for their own well being in life.

April 28 2015:
Listen up everyone! "Living well is the best revenge": George Herbert

I am putting this on my page because it is the only page I have not updated as of this date, that is most recent:

Do you want the last thing you do on this earth to be murder?

No of course not!
I have been saying this since I started this web site, since I started it as Joe Dork in 2001. I have been saying since 1997; that 20 percent of the people arrested for a sex offence; kill themselves in the first 2 years. I think I read a newspaper article stating that statistic.

You know Owen Wilson* has been my favorite actor since I saw him in that skateboard movie: Girl - Yeah Right :  (I own this DVD)

Owen Wilson* tried to kill himself; they say:
Great comics almost always create public humor from private pain. But in the decade since Owen Wilson ambled onto the Hollywood radar as a bumbling burglar in the cult comedy Bottle Rocket, the laid-back surfer dude with the crooked nose and the slow Texas drawl has always seemed different: wry, loopy, kind and light. "He's divine," says Rocket producer Polly Platt of her longtime friend. "Just an angel." So it was with true shock that Platt and Wilson's other friends and family learned that on Aug. 26, Wilson had slashed his wrists at his home in Santa Monica in an apparent suicide attempt.

Posted: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 2:00 am

Wanted sex offender John E. Reynolds deliberately stabbed himself in the heart with a letter opener as he apparently tried to escape arrest early Saturday, according to information from law enforcement agencies and the coroner.

Reynolds, 25, was convicted of a sex crime in Ohio in 2011 and was the subject of a recent Akron Police Department warrant alleging unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

At about 12:30 a.m. Saturday, Olathe Police Department officers were called out on a “Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately” complaint. They saw a car speeding and pulled it over at mile marker 81 on U.S. 50, Olathe Police Chief Justin Harlan said.

I was inspired today; to share this about myself:

This is me, not yeah right; it is that's right: what is even more amazing is I made this gif file from my video I took of myself October 11, 2012. In reverse! Go to Eldorado Mazda, McKinney and look out the back. That is where I sk8ed that faithful day. You should have seen me from 1986 to 1990 in Southern California. I was sk8ing with all the big pro's back then. That is what happens when you move to California and get a contract selling artwork to the biggest skateboard company in the world at the time.

I sk8ed with almost every pro there was between 1987 to 1990 in southern California. I never sk8ed with Christian Hosoi though. That was a big downer for me cause I was raised on those amazing air photos of him in Thrasher and Transworld I did sk8 with this deaf dude from team Hosoi; he was amazing. I remember sitting there with him and his girlfriend; while he put these weird stickers on his board.
Also I never sk8ed with Mark Gator Rogowski though.: I did own his board with pink paint. I gave it to someone I think. It looked just like the one pictured here. I bought it back east before I left for the west.

I know all my fellow country folk friends could care less about hippy sk8boarders. You all k
now full well I am a motorcycle expert. I proved that for 7 years of stunt riding up and down that highway. Maybe I will go looking for some of those stunt videos my wife took of me and post them up here. I used to look like the characters from the video game Halo. I bought Halo when it 1syt came out in 2001 .

April 26 2015:

This fits the title of this page and is the first choice of definition from Merriam:
Definition of STORY:

history: the study of past events

an account of incidents or events
a statement regarding the facts pertinent to a situation in question

I do not like talking about my past and I find it very difficult to read this. I do not have regrets that much; because basically I am a good guy and have been all my life, I live a very normal life and stay busy everyday. I help my wife everyday, it is not easy to live where we live and she needs me. I have been married for three decades now. I love my wife and tell her that vocally every 3 hours at least. My dad the police officer for 3 decades of my life; used to tell me never to be afraid to tell your wife you love her. She is a part of me and without her I would die of loneliness and a broken heart. We yell at each other just like any couple. My grand Parents on my dad's side; who I loved and looked up too like movie stars, would argue allot and they where happily married for over 50 years. My grandmother died a couple months after he died, I believe from a broken heart. My grand parents on my mothers side where also my hero's my grandfather on my mothers side literally built most of the buildings in my home town. I always looked up to senior citizens and respected them. I am well into my senior years my self now. I have a pretty normal life and am very happy other than having to register as a sex offender; which I believe to be a travesty of justice. In fact the only thing not normal in my life is having to register as a sex offender. Not to be forgot; having to endure 11 years as a ostracized human victim of the harshest place to be on probation in the United States; has left it's scares on me and made me get old a lot faster. Never the less I am a very optimistic person and have always been all my life. I have looked on the bright side everyday of my life. I think my grandfathers influence on me when I was young has allot to do with that.

People need to know I never raped anyone. The charge that I am charged with; basically is rape. There many things I learned during my 11 years of torturous treatment on probation, I learned every thing: I was a sponge. I knew that if any one wronged me; I would write about it like I am doing now. Like I said I am certainly not a danger to children and sex with children repulses me beyond believe. I liken sex with children to sex with animals; and that sickens even more. Rape is the most disgusting thing I could think of also. I will never understand how someone can rape someone and be aroused by that; I have believed this all my life. I also do not understand how someone could be aroused by exposing themselves. I believe that way for every sex offence there is.

April 25 2015:

If there should ever be a exception to the rule concerning The Adam Walsh Act it should be me. I am sure this testament of mine being on the internet; is a thorn in the side of the powers that be. Well America was a thorn in the side of Britain not long ago.

I will never condone changing the constitution and believe it is treason to say the least. A sex offence is emotional to say the least. That must have been a hot summer and tempers must have been raging; in the all republican controlled Washington DC; on it's way out. Believe me there are a lot of former and current, big time republican sex offenders. I can not explain what was going on:
The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act[1] is a federal statute that was signed into law by U.S. President George W. Bush on July 27, 2006.

Do you know why my offence was charged as aggravated assault instead of sexual assault (what it should have been)? Adam Walsh makes me register for life verses 10 to 25 years; because his penis went in my mouth for 30 seconds and because he was over 65 (a law in only a few southern states that makes it as if this burly guy was a 13 year old child. I guaranty; hardly anyone knows that. That is why this statement needs to be on the internet for all to see.

I know I say bullying and homophobia was at a all time high in McKinney Texas in 1995 when my wife and I moved her and it was. I assure it is still alive and well:

April 16, 2015

Texas Gay Man Has “Fag,” Phallic Symbol, Spray-Painted On His Front Door found:

“I opened the door and immediately feel my stomach in my chest,” Arthur, who came out when he was 18, told WFAA ABC 8. “[I’m] vulnerable, scared, confused… I think every emotion I could possibly feel at the time it was happening.” In September 2014, Money magazine ranked McKinney the “Best Places to Live in the United States.” Still shaken, Arthur bought a security system on Wednesday. “If they feel it’s okay to do that to your property, what’s keeping them from taking it a step further?” he asked.

I asked my wife about HS's statement to me that he was sure we would win a jury trial and she remembered when exactly he said that. It was just after I walked out of the room refusing to sign the paper work that said I forced him to do put his penis in my mouth. I will forever proclaim that this was a completely consensual act and have been polygraphed on that over 11 times. You can read about it in detail in this document.

April 22 2015:

Part of a email from a email I sent a political person; protesting online identifiers, the same email this blog is registered to. The argument is Texas keeps online identifiers from being posted. It does not matter. Just about anyone can get this info by filling out a online form. The bottom it is demining and degrading and wrong. To say that online identifiers do not effect free speech makes no sense and is not right. So much of this stuff should not apply to someone if their offence has nothing to do with children, or if they have deferred adjudicated, or should not have retroactive laws applied to them; and on and on.

When it comes to the justice system keeping info from us  (that might incriminate them for instance) it is ok; yet about 10 different websites at any given time including DPS to list sex offender registration on Google. Google is the central search engine so I always mention them; of coarse there are many other search engines too. Every other person that lists sex offender registration on the web sites, beside DPS are making some kind of profit from it perverting that what is perverted even more.

As always I find the treatment of United States citizens who have committed a crime related to sex; cruel and unusual, to say the least. 

As always I would like to see the deferred adjudicated disposition upheld in my case as it legally should be. I knew at the time of my offence either I get deferred adjudicated probation or prison and it was solely up to the victim I was accused of molesting's family to decide. My case only gave deferred at that time, or prison.

If our only choice was prison we would have plead not guilty of coarse. I always think I should have plead not guilty, because I actually had to lie to plead guilty. I have been saying that from the beginning. I just highlighted it in yellow on this page where I said that. HS was convinced we could win if we pleaded not guilty and told my wife and I that several times. He worked hard on the case and was prepared for a jury trial. I always got the feeling he was disappointed we did not plead not guilty. I was overwhelmed with the case as many people are when facing being accused of a sex crime. I am convinced no human goes through this life without committing or fantasizing about committing a sex offence like exposing themselves or having public sex, it's in movies and music all the time. I am sure there are many more story's like mine; of people not guilty going to prison and being punished for sex crimes they did not commit. This is why I believe we will all be judged someday for our ignoring our constitution and perverting our justice system. History has shown governments that oppress it's people eventually fall. I love our country and that is why I work on this blog so much.

Added April 10 2015:

I was never convicted legally. I received deferred adjudicated and that is not a conviction legally. Like every thing else concerning registered sex offenders in our country; the perversion of the law is common place.

I hope this will at least drum up some support for my plight on the internet. I can not imagine that it would not. If you are one of the few people out there that has not turned their back on me over the years I hope this internet post gives you a must deserved pat on the back.

I told someone very important about a week ago I would send them a copy of my statement again. The more I thought about it the more I considered sending it to the entire World Wide Web. So I did.

I posted the whole truth and nothing but the truth on the web for the first time since 1997. I did my best to edit it this morning, it took me 3 days altogether. Here it is:

Now all I need is some top notch legal people who love to read. If you know some out there please let them know about this:

I have sent this to almost every newspaper there is, lawyers human rights organization senator and politician, the local police, and on and on. I have sent this statement in the form of snail mail about 400 times. I have sent this in email at least well over 3,000 times. I had this posted on the internet around 1996 and 1997. This is the first time I have shared this publicly since then. I have removed most of the names of all involved; because I believe in peoples ability to change and it has been 20 years. Who knows what these people are like now.

Some revisions have been made to this document as of April 10 2015. I find this difficult to read so I did not revise everything as thoroughly as I would like.

The offence I served 11 years and 7 months in the jail and have to register for life; is 20 YEARS OLD. In 2016 it will be official I was arrested and started court in 1996. The court case took a little less than one year. I plan to challenge my life time registration but want to prove to all what has always been true: I am a law abiding citizen; who continually contributes to society in a upright and kind nature. As hard as I try I am reminded of my offence, because of the media and the internet trying to make money from sex offenders, and politicians that try to get votes from fear mongering, and of course the bazaar behavior of my neighbors.

If I protest sex offender laws it has nothing to do with the police. My father and friends from back home were police officers. I blame politics and that is why I write my representatives and try to stay active in politics even though I find it very confusing. I appreciate our good people in politics here even though I vote democrat when I can. Most police back east are democrat.

When someone is accused of a sex offence it is many times founded on nothing more than emotions and many times people are arrested for offences they did not even commit. I am one of those people.

What are ya gonna do? This is just one of those things that is a unfair about my life and a burden I would not wish on anyone.

This story is rooted in prejudice against me and straight up bullying by the legal system here in 1995; that is 100% politically and religiously motivated. My lawyer HS at the time called it a modern day witch hunt and unconstitutional to the judge Charles CS (the worst judge in Collin County in the local press here). See D Magazine DEC 2009

This image from D Magazine shows CS making things up on the bench.
I have experienced this to the extreme; in the form of cruel and unusual punishment
concerning my case to this day.

If you have even a small amount of empathy and read
this page I have no idea how you can humanly disagree with this statement.

My depiction of CS is not as nice on my Sex Offender Comics
page I depict him as the grim reaper and a snake. I depict him
as a snake because a swear I was staring at him as he was saying something
in court one time during my case and his eyes looked like snake eyes at one point.

The Collin County Bar Association surveyed its membership. On things such as impartiality, availability, ability to set aside personal biases on race and politics, consistency, comprehension of the law, and overall performance, attorneys rated CS at the bottom of all Collin County judges. Not just once but twice. He actually got the lowest approval rating in the history of the survey: 12 percent.”

“When CS received a newspaper’s Freedom of Information Act request for all documents related to the Prometa testing program, he replied that he didn’t keep such records”

There is no record of me serving over my limit of probation or over my limit of jail time of 1 month. Legally he could not give me over 10 years or 6 months. I researched this extensively. I have a copy of my court records.

First this I want to say is my father was a police officer all my life. He was so tough my friends would call him the general. He was my hero. His policemen friends were my friends and I learned allot about heroic things he did from them because he never bragged about himself.

I can not vouch for all the text here! Same for What I have Been Through page. I am the king of typos for one thing, as I have stated on the internet many times. Believe it or not I am not a good typist. These documents are huge and I have trouble reading them because they remind me of the past: that I would prefer to forget. I have done my best to edit the names out of this. If any of my friends on the internet spot any mistakes I have made please email me them.

Added 04 15 2010

The act between Mr. X and I was completely consensual. He wanted me to what I did at the time so I did it, one time only for 30 seconds. 30 seconds that destroyed my life. 30 seconds that took from America one of the greatest American artist of my time! He felt guilty about it latter and told his family about it. The agency called the police, not the family. I believe the family never wanted the police called. My lawyer HS followed the letter of the law and required the family to agree with me being put on deferred adjudicated probation (not legally considered a conviction) and the family agreed. If I pleaded not guilty I was sure at the time the family would refuse to come to court.


As of December 05, 2008 I have revised this letter one last time. As this is such a difficult subject for me to talk about I can not seem to say what I want to say. This is the third time I have revised this letter and probably not the last.


I have sent this letter to many, many people. I sent this letter to people mostly while I was in the jail. It was very rare I remember sending this letter by email. If Judge CS is going to get the full picture of his judgment over my family and I then he should read this. I am thankful that this letter would be kept in my records so that I would not be lumped together.


To properly present this story, I must tell the following. I do not like to talk about the past, especially since it is of so personal nature as this. These things I must say to give the reader as full a picture, as I can. My pride will probable keep me from telling every thing I can say, to defend myself. I was a completely different person then. I have not been that person for many years now. I have forgotten what it is like to act like that and to think like that. I do not think I will ever go back to that life style again, because of what I have learned the hard way, and put into practice in my everyday life. I was living a lifestyle of lies, lies that lead me to believe it was ok to do what I did. I have put many safe guards in my life to keep me from going back to that life style. I have a conversation with my wife at least once a month.

I wrote this letter at the time of my hearing in 1996. The only time I have added to it is to show more current things need mentioning. This letter was updated on 9 14 2007 while I was serving my last year of probation. I served a total of 11 years of probation. I should have a doctorate in sex offender relapse prevention. I am a excellent student and have 120 credit hours at Collin County Community College, with a 4.0 out of 4.0 grade average, over the past 7 years. This is proof of my ability to learn. I basically graduated 3 times and have 3 certificates in graphic design. Although I have filled out at least over 300 applications no one will hire me because I am a registered sex offender. Probation cost me 60,000 dollars to complete and college required by probation cost me almost that much as well with no job to show for it.

I want to make it clear that although I made a bad decision to do what I did I am not a rapist, although my charge would lead you to believe this. I am not a child molester, I have had 2 plathismographs that prove this, with Lyles Anderson. I also have had about 15 polygraphs over my 11 years of probation that prove this also. The first plathismograph had naked men and I failed it the second had naked women and I passed it. I have never had a sexual thought about a child and have said this before every polygraph I have ever taken. That means I never had a sexual thought about a child yet according to the law I am a threat to all children. My offence was this; one day while I was putting Mr. X’s pants on, after I gave him a bath I put my mouth on his penis for less than 20 seconds. I asked him do you like that? He said; as not to spill the tobacco out of his mouth in a southern ascent, “that’s real nice“. I remember this fact as if it was yesterday, and have been saying it since I was first placed on probation, and have passed polygraphs based on this fact. That means Mr. X wanted me to do what I did and enjoyed it. As soon as I did this I went to the kitchen to wash my mouth out; because I was so grossed out about what I did. This was a consensual act, however embarrassing it may be to some people.

I actually lied to plead guilty. I went into the room to plead guilty and read that Mr. X had no choice but to let me do what I did and I over powered him to do what I did. I do not remember the exact words. I have a copy of my court records though. I left the room and told my Lawyer, HS, the senators husband, I can not sign this, I would be lying. He said that it did not matter that if the court knew about the offence I would be found guilty, and could serve 20 years in prison. I actually lied to plead guilty to get probation. I thought I would not have a problem with probation since I am a good guy and never break the law. Probation was like 11 years of boot camp non the less, very hard on me and my family.

The 65 or older law that made my offence aggravated basically says if you are over 65 it is the same thing as if you are under thirteen. I have always thought this law is bazaar. Think about it this means if some that is 64 and has sex with someone that is 65 this is illegal. This is a new law and was made 5 years before my offence and only exists in a few southern states.

My Judge at the time Judge CS was known for making up laws from the bench. I have a long list of things he did against me that are against the law. Their also has to be penetration to make my offence aggravated the penetration was his penis in my mouth for les than 20 seconds. This also has seemed bazaar to me. Basically Judge CS gave me the highest sentence he could, including making me serve one year over the maximum amount of probation time. He also broke many laws by adding on many other things to my sentence. It was illegal at the time to make me register as a sex offender. He made it a condition of my probation that I do this, even thought the law was not even in affect at the time. It is illegal that I am made to register as a sex offender. It is against the Texas Constitution to make any law retroactive. The argument some make that registering as a sex offender is not a hardship. This not only a lie it is insane to think that registering as a sex offender is not a hardship, it literal destroys a person.

Always keep in mind when reading this letter the family never called the police. The agency who hated me and desperately want to fire me called the police. I would have never have received probation if it were not for the family agreeing to it. Basically the Kemp family stuck up for me.

I have been married for over 20 years now to my one and only wife a honorable veteran of the US Army. I was into off and on from about 1992 to 1996 when I was arrested for my offence. Mr. X at the time I cared for him out weighed me by at least 60 pounds or more, I was 140 pounds, he was 210 pounds plus. I am sure this can be verified by medical records from him and me. He could have probably knocked me out. I will never forget when my mom’s dad, my grandfather hit me. I do not think I have ever been hit that hard. My grandfather, was about 80 at the time and had cancer. Mr. X was not ill at all and in very good shape for his age.

I became a Certified Nurses Aid around 1993. I attended school in Texas at Action Training. I got all A’s and scores almost 100% on the state test. I scored the highest score out of my whole class. I trained there in a nursing home as part of my schooling. I went on to work for Haven nursing home for about four months. I liked working for Haven we always worked in teams and I liked working with the other nurses aids. They liked me and would testify of my good nature and work. I received a excellent reference Action Nurses Training. I had to leave Killeen, Texas, cause I moved to McKinley Texas so my wife could attend College here. After my wife got out of the Regular, US Army, in Killen, Texas we decided to stay in the state to save money on out of state fees. My wife excelled in the army with a huge amount of awards and commendations as I was by her side supporting her every way I could. We decided to stay all this time mostly in my mind so that I could prove myself to the people of Collin County as the good person I know I am. I have become a very well known artist in this area. I have been in the Dallas Morning News 6 times for my art work and they new I was charged as a sex offender at the time, they never printed one bad thing about me relating to my art. She did attend Collin County Community College. She had a 4.0 average ad received a Associates of Science and a certificate for animation she took with me. She attended CCCCD two years with me because she felt so strongly about me going to college.

After my wife and I left Killeen in late 1993, I got a job with COC Home health out of Arlington TX. I worked for a Mr. Cec Easth this was about 1995 - 1996. I went to his house to care for him 5 Days a week 3 1/2 hours per day. At the time there would be someone who would come and bath him for 1 hour per day. This person was in the process of Quitting his position. I inquired about taking the job and began working for Ad Health out of Allan TX. You need to understand about Ad Health, they hated me and never wanted to hire me. I had tried to apply to them long before they hired me and they told me no. They felt they had to hire me, maybe because I had done so well with Cec Eastham. During the time I worked for them we fought allot.

I was given two clients to care for (bath only) Mr. Easth and a Mr. X (my accuser) by home health out of Allen TX. I made more money working for home health out of Allen TX in 4 hours than I did with COC all week. I worked for Ad Health 4 hours per week with Mr. Easth and Mr. X.

I saw Mr. X 2 hours per week Tuesdays and Thursdays. I never had any problems with Mr. Easth and have a very good reference from Concepts of care. Ever health care job I ever did until Mr. X. I got great references from every one I worked with until then.

I did have problems with Ad Health though. They wanted to put a feeder in Mr. Easth’s stomach and I was against it. Mr. Easth was 300 plus lbs! To consider him starving was ridiculous. I think his wife was angry with him for not eating. I got along well with Mr. X and his wife and was sad to leave them. Make no mistake about it I got into home health to help people and any one that worked with me except Advance Home Health would tell how good I was at helping people.

I do not think Advance Home Health cared concerning the feeder in Mr. Eastman and was only interested in making more money. Advance Home Health wanted me to do nurses work though I was not certified to do so. They wanted me to clean and change the feeder that was surgically implanted in Mr. Eastman. A nurses aid is not certified to do this. This began problems with the head nurse who I suspect of steroid abuse, who looked more like a professional wrestler than a nurse. He was the key person in Advance Home Health calling the police on me about Mr. X. I refused to work the feeder and when I did Ad Health forced me to quit Mr. Easth as their client. This was shortly before I was arrested. I had no choice but to continue working for Advance Home Health because I still had Mr. X as a client. The head nurse muscle dude hated me most because I refused to change the feeder for Mr. Eastman.

I never understood why I was caring for Mr. X he seemed to be in good shape. I never like going to his home (more like a shack), it was in the bad part of town.

Mr. X never seemed to be a problem, until shortly after I worked for him he began to say sexually perverted things to me every time I cared for him.

He would say things over and over. He would say things to me like, he thought my charge nurse the blond haired muscle dude was a homosexual and was interested in me. It was kind of weird but since I was I was using cognitive distortions during this time I used this to fuel my problem of being prejudiced against. Also Mr. X would Constantly brag about the size of his neighbors penis. He would describe the size of his penis with his hand and arm and also insinuate that his Neighbor (George) was a homosexual and was interested in me. He would say things like you should go see George and have sex with him. He would also say He’ll shake it at you meaning George’s Penis. Mr. X would also repeatedly say things like you’d make a good one meaning a homosexual. Allot of this was because I would pretend to be gay in front of the live in caretaker Ms. B. J.. Never the less Mr. X was inappropriate. Mr. X was not mentally ill and this was proven by the private investigator my lawyer HS hired.

Basically everyday I went to the Kemp’s it was like this, I would come in the door and first give him his vitals then we would go to the bathroom, where he would take his cloths off. I would usually wait out side the door his favorite thing to say to me about that time was are you ready? He would shout it, but he would say it in such a way as to sound perverted. Sometimes he would shout it on the porch when I arrived I would not doubt if George his neighbor could hear it from time to time Because he lived across the street. Anyhow when he was undressed I would go in then he would get into the tub where there was a shower chair he would sit in the chair exclaiming, “are you ready“. I first washed his head and face. It was about now that he would start to talk perverted to me saying all the things I have described in this letter over and over again about the muscle dude charge nurse and his neighbor and the like. I washed his entire body completely it was my job. As stupid as it seemed, knowing he could bath himself. I think the family had me do this so they could use it to scam a insurance company. They lived in what I could see a unbearable poverty.

He would like to say What a good job I was doing while I was bathing and dressing him. I always thought he was talking about how I washed and dressed him good but I believe now he was trying to be perverted. Again this seemed to be a way do make me worse as far as my problem with my cognitive distortions at that time. My problem mostly steamed from having to deal with homophobia as a whole County. On April 09, 2015 I read a that bullying is alive and well in McKinney Texas. You have to understand McKinney, Texas was really homophobic 20 years ago.

I am going to quote the only media who is telling the truth about this storie The Dallas Voice; found in all the cool stores I used to love to visit in the BIG D; like the big Half Price Books store. Dallas County and Collin County share a border but politically you would never know it. I still love it here; so much I stay here; we need people like me here. That is my biggest gift to the lovely Collin County. They better stop developing everywhere though or that beauty will be gone some day.

Here is the quote:

"Raymond Howell Jr., 14, was found dead of an apparent suicide near a culvert beside busy Eldorado Parkway in McKinney on Thursday, April 2. The McKinney Boyd High School freshman is believed to have committed suicide after being bullied by older students.

According to CBS 11, Howell had recently asked for a transfer to a different school to escape the bullying.

School districts throughout Texas have anti-bullying policies as a result of a series of suicides in the fall of 2012, including several in Texas and Oklahoma. It was during that period that Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns rose to national attention with his story of being bullied as a teen.

The McKinney police public information officer didn’t return a call today to confirm whether the bullying that led to Howell’s death was LGBT-related.

The Trevor Project hotline is a toll-free 24 hour LGBTQ suicide prevention line at 1-866-488-7386"

I would ask him to stand up and I would wash his bottom and the shower chair. Then I would ask him to sit down and the last thing I would do is his penis aria at first I would ask him to do it himself he would not do a good job. I found this frustrating because of the fact that this was a important part of men’s health. He was uncircumcised and would need me do it to clean himself properly. One of his tentacles was the size of a tennis ball.

When I cleaned him he would become aroused overtime it usually did not offend me. His penis was small even when hard and it was covered with his fat so you could hardly see it. He would become erect every time I washed him. At This point I would Dry him off sometimes in the shower some times outside of the shower. For most of the time I worked there, I would dry him standing up. When I would dry his feet and legs he would kind stick his penis out at my face. I guess it did not bother me so much because you could not really see his penis cause it was so small, it is like covered with fatty tissue and kind sucked up in his cavity. I know from trying to clean him it was difficult. Also one of his testicles was the size of a tennis ball and the other was large too. This would stretch that fatty tissue across his private aria. I know this from trying to clean him according to state regulations it was difficult and always took too long. Yes I actually had a class on how to clean a penis in school.

Especially after his shower I would sometimes (not all the time cause I was afraid of getting him excited) put lotion down there because it would look red. I was always afraid he might have a sexual transmitted disease or the like. And I was always careful of disease. That is why I always wore gloves. I had owned a bulk size box of these rubber gloves at home all the time. To this day I have some of these gloves and do my oil painting with them. You could ask anyone that was at the Kemps when I was bathing him I always wore gloves. Also at the nursing home everyone knew I wore gloves all the times. I am trying to explain I was not the type of person to put myself at risk.


He could not see his penis because his belly was in the way and his penis was so small. it seemed to be attached to his pelvic aria. My charge nurse who I suspected of steroid abuse had observed me and given me good marks on the revue sheet I remember pointing out to him Mr. X’s large testicle. The charge nurse knew I was a good worker cause we had worked together on Mr. Cec Easth(my other client with Ad Health) on many occasions. The charge nurse I suspected of steroid abuse turned against me in the end and I believe he was on steroids. He had told me this in a couple of conversations we had. I would think even Advanced would say I was a excellent worker at that time, even though they were so resentful of me. In fact I know they would because K. the owner would continually give me compliments on how good I was doing. K. was the person who originally refused to hire me.

For the last month I was caring for Mr. X I had him sit on the toilet on a towel while I dried him off. I don’t think he liked this because he could not stick his penis out at me. Infect that last day I cared for Mr. X he was on the toilet when he started to get violent towards me shouting hurry up. Then I would assist him getting dressed all I had to do was help him put his pants on and his underpants. I did not like to do this because also like to stick his penis out at me while I was doing this. Then for the rest of the time I would sit and talk to him and his wife who would ramble allot like him saying the me things over and over. I really liked to talk to the live in caretaker B.J. who would like me to talk about my cognitive distortions so much I would make things up. I would spend hours on the phone with her like this. I told her I had a boyfriend and was having sex with him just as a phone sex thing, She was really into it. Living someplace that is so closed minded to anything homosexual is why I was considered such a threat to people at that time. I am fortunate I did not get burned at the stake or stoned to death by the religious fanatics that really had a hold on McKinney in 1995 - 1996. I believe they are still working in the background till this day. I do not hate Jesus or God and have always found some common ground with religion and that is why I have never been thrown to rot in prison. All in all as of 2015 and all I have been through I am still free, that has to be a testimony to the fact that this truly was and is a miscarriage of justice in the most extreme example.

Mr. X hated his family and would tell me this allot. He would tell me how much he wanted to move away. I would say to Mr. X you should try harder to get along with your wife and Betty, give your wife a kiss every once and a while and tell her you love her. I would try very hard to have them get along mostly because B.J. would tell me how he would get violent with her and her mom.

Mr. X kept a pistol locked in a box under his bed. B.J. asked me to get the key to the locked box that contained the fire arm. She knew I could search through his clothing while I dressed him. They ere afraid he would shoot one of them and maybe me. I found out from the private investigator that Mr. X was arrested and went to jail, in the 1970’s for beating some one up.


I had met (George a Mexican) on several occasions. I believe George was a prejudice man who hated most white people. I believe George turned Mr. X against me for what ever reason. George was a very angry man in general. He would hang out on Mr. X’s front porch allot so I would say hi to him as I entered the Kemp’s house. That was about as much as I talked to him.

One time I went to Georges house because Mr. X was sitting on Georges front porch and it was time for his bath. His house was located about 50 feet in front of Mr. Xs house right across the street. George sells bikes to the illegal aliens, and he showed me his bikes that he had that one time when I had to get Mr. X for his bath. I think he was going to assault me that time. After realizing I was a good guy he changed his mind.

I thought it was good Mr. X had a friend at that time, so I tried to encourage him to be nice to him.

He would say things like you should see George’s penis over and over again to me until I would get sick to my stomach. Like I already mentioned in this letter.

Also one time he offered a banana to me and hold it like a penis in my face. He would talk to me like this when his wife was in the other room and he was alone with me in the kitchen and the bathroom. But there was one time he did it and his B.J. (his step daughter) was in the room and she laughed. This woman seemed to never tire of thinking I was a homosexual. I am very happily married an am not a homosexual or do I or would I ever be interested in a homosexual relationship. I have been happily married for almost fifteen years at the time I cared for Mr. X. I would have never consider any sexual thoughts toward Mr. X it was always the farthest thing from my mind that is the plain truth. B.J. seemed addicted to hearing about my cognitive distortions and I would make up stories and tell her to satisfy her. You see the fact that I needed a women shows all the while even then I was attracted to women not men. I am a danger to no one yet I am listed on the internet in about 10 different websites found on Google as of 2015 as a desperate sexual predator.

When I would clean Mr. X’s penis aria he would become aroused every time. Like his sexual comments, I would do my best to ignore him. You run across people like this quit often in this profession so you do your best to shrug it off and get on with your job. I thank God I was trained like thin in Action Nurses Training. It really prepared me.

I now wish I had said something to my boss. The live in caretaker B.J. (the step daughter) was a nice lady and I would talk to her allot and try and encourage her to keep her spirits up. I knew that it must be hard take care of Mr. X and Mrs. Kemp.

Mrs. Kemp would have problems with her feet from time to time.

Mr. X seemed in very good health to me. He would do allot of work outside. He would use the lawnmower allot. He had a lawn mowing business at one time. Mr. X would do more work outside, than I could ever do myself at that time. I actually showed up at the Kemps one day and saw Mr. X mowing his neighbors yard in the middle of summer with no shirt on. This was a very big lawn. The way he kept his lawn was beyond neat. He would spend most of his time out side, I think because he hated his wife and B.J.. He had a shed with lawn mower parts and such he would work in allot.

His step daughter, B. J. would warn me of his dark side. I never had a problem with that. She would tell me she was afraid of him and that he had a gun locked in a metal case and she was afraid he would shoot her and her mother. She was trying to get him a apartment to try and get him out, and away from the two of them. I do remember the last time I cared for Mr. X that he did become kind of violent with me.

Mr. X would always brag about how good a job I was doing this is another one of the things Mr. X would say over and over again. Unlike the sexual things he said to me I would not mind it as much. Now that I look back on it I think he was trying to say something sexual then too.

I must say that I would dread going to his home overtime, to care for him. I just figured that it was part of the job. I was paid $15.00 dollars per visit. Needless to say the bathing part of my visit went by fast every visit I would rush trough it as quickly as I could every visit. There was always someone there while I was at the Kemps either the step daughter, B.J. or the wife. It was a very small one bedroom house and I would always leave the door open mostly because it was summer, for the most part of the time, I worked for Mr. X. It wasn’t until the last few days I worked there that I would close the door to keep the heat in. Maybe that is what set Mr. X off and why he finally became violent against me that last day I was there.

I would never compromises on the quality of my work as any of the people I worked with would tell you.

Ad Health called me one day and told me that I would not be caring for Mr. X any longer, and that there was going to be an investigation against me. At that point I had already had disputes with Ad Health and offered my resignation. They took this as me running from my problems. The truth is I could not wait to quit.

I had already given COC my two week notice because of problems with Advance Home Health.

About a week latter the investigator from the McKinney police called and said she wanted to talk to me about a case in which I was a suspect. She asked me to come down to the police station to talk to her. I agreed and went there Monday at 8:00am and talked with her for about 1 hour. I told her about my past where I have been living. When she first told me about why I was there I could not believe it. She said I was accused of putting my mouth on Mr. X’s penis. I started to laugh because it seemed that ridiculous to me. She tried very hard to get me to say I did it. I insisted that I did not. She said no matter what I said I would be found guilty and that they would believe Mr. X. She described him as a feeble old man which he was not, he was bigger and stronger than me at the time I cared for him. I had started to quit my cognitive distortions by the time I talked to the investigator. I have always said that just the embarrassment of all this was enough to learn my lesson, and to this day I believe this to be true. I did not need 11 years of probation hell and 7 months of so called therapy that nearly killed me.

She said that she was going to get a warrant for my arrest. This investigator was none for being way over the top extreme at this time.

She insisted that I was guilty no matter what I said. after about 1hour I walked out and terminated the interview because it was obvious I was getting nowhere. Any one that knew the investigator back then knows she was over zealous over her job. I remember just after she arrested me she arrested a video store owner in McKinney, Texas and was going to try to put him in prison for 99 years said the McKinney Newspaper.

I had been planning a trip to go see my Grandparents in Florida all year and had purchased the tickets 1 month before I talked to the investigator.

We left two weeks after my interview with the investigator. My wife and I had not heard anything from the investigator so we decided to go ahead with our trip. While I was in Florida 2 investigators came to my apartment complex looking for me. The investigator was given a phone number to contact me at my Grandparents by the apartment managers. She called me at my Grandparents house and said, she needed to see me right away, to my step mom. I told her I was in Florida she did not believe me, she had a 1800 number. She talked to my step mom and hung up. We got back on the 30th of December 1996, like I told the investigator on the phone in Florida. On the 6th of January 1996, about 8:30pm I heard a loud bang on the door I could see it was the Police threw the peep hole. They damaged the door with that knock. It was a heavy metal door and they dented it. I let them in immediately They would not let me get dressed, handcuffed me tightly and took me to the prison in my pajamas were I was held on 17,000.00 bail. I made my bail and was released the next morning.



Since then I have served 7 months in the local jail as a condition of my probation and had my life turned upside down. I have spent enough money to buy a house on probation fees and psycho therapy for over 10 years now. It has driven my wife and I close to bankruptcy many times.

My grandparents who were my favorite people in the whole world dead 2 years ago. When I was a child my grandparent on my dads side would buy me any thing I wanted. I would spend many weekends with them up until I graduated from high school. They moved to Florida after retiring and would fly me down many times. I am convinced they died sooner than normal because of my ordeals while on probation that I believe have exceeded cruel and unusual punishment with probation officers like M. S. And J. W.. I mention these two because they had a out spoken reputation of being cruel.

One thing I have learned is you must do things for yourself first in this life; then comes those you love most.

I will admit that I was using cognitive distortions at that time of my arrest. Since then I have quit using cognitive distortions all together. I have no regrets about this because of the love I have for my wife. I am a good person and like most good people I look on the good side of things. My wife a highly rewarded veteran of 6-7 years of service 3 and a half years in Killen, and 3 and a half years in Seagoville, Texas. My wife has cried many times because of the McKinney, Probation Department’s unreasonable treatment of me. She told me she cried every day of the 7 months I was in the Collin County jail. She has been ill every time I suspect it is the stress of my ordeal. Every illness I have now did not start until the day I was released from the jail.

I spent about 80,000 dollars while on probation in McKinney Texas for the eleven years I served on probation. This ruined us financially in ways we may never recover as long as we live.

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