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Sex Offender FAQ

If you believe it is ok to deny registered sex offenders human rights or U.S. Constitutional rights. If you do not believe registered sex offenders are denied their human and constitutional rights or if you are against free speech.
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By remaining on this web page you here by acknowledge that you support human rights and United States constitutional rights for registered sex offenders and that you support freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech is understood to be fundamental in a democracy. The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights.

This blog is not for people to be critical of what is posted here and if the reader is critical of anything here than that means they did not read the disclaimer on the top of each of the pages here and are not welcome here and should stop reading and leave this blog upon my request and in the name of freedom of speech, and my rights as a American citizen.

No sexual abuse is ever acceptable. Sex offense laws and policies should be based on sound research and common sense, not fear, panic or paranoia. Current laws and policies that paint all sex offenders with one broad brush are counter- productive, wasteful, and cause needless harm. Each offense must be judged on its own merits with a punishment that fits the crime and does not waste taxpayer dollars. The public sex offender registry and residency restriction laws do not protect children but instead ostracize and dehumanize individuals and their families. Money spent on purely punitive measures would be better used for prevention, healing, and rehabilitation. 

The author of SO FAQ does not affiliate with any other organization or people on the internet or the world for that matter. I have been saying this since I first logged on to the internet. Just because I like organizations like the ACLU; does not mean I believe in everything they believe in or stand for. Just like in our great country when we vote; we will never believe in everything the candidate we vote for; believes in or stands for. That doe not mean we are should not vote.

I dedicate this blog to the book and the movie: Fahrenheit 451
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I am sure blogs like this are covered up and glossed over on the internet.

The internet and the media are extremely prejudice against registered sex offenders.

Registered sex offenders and their family's are extremely out numbered on the internet and in the media because of this prejudice and paranoia.

People who are prejudice have to be prejudice. Sex offenders are a easy target on the internet by cyber bullies that seem addicted to being prejudice.

I believe that the ostracizing of people like this is not the way of the future and someday all of this will be looked back on as mentally challenged and closed minded.  

The internet today and since it's birth; is not the real world and has never reflected the reality and burden of everyday life for everyday people.

Freedom of speech is taken from sex offenders by restricting them from the internet and should be illegal world wide.

Sex offenders and their families that are internet users; have limited free speech because of constant bombardment by prejudice cyber bullies.

Limiting free speech in the media in other words the internet; is not the legacy that made us great. If we continue to take away from our foundation of free speech we will loose it all.

 "A Human Being Should NEVER be defined by their weakest moment."

Hey, this blog looks real nice on a cell phone; as I have recently discovered.


I am so upset about internet web pages, web sites that think they are government, that I am going to do my best to point out they are not right by typing this. This may take several days; but if I intend to stay true to my New Year's resolution I am determined to complete it.
I would like to formally protest the publishing these web pages promoting fear mongering, unproven psychotherapy theory's, scapegoating, persecuting, hatemongering, generalizing, and lies. This make's the lives of registered sex offenders and their family's and their community's that much more of a burden.

I also hope that this will help the people of the world to see that public or any registration of any human for any crimes; is the same as putting someone in stocks in the streets. Putting someone in stocks in the streets has been illegal for hundreds of years. I would like the United Nations to make laws against it.

The content of registered sex offenders in these web pages on the internet should be illegal and must be deleted. These web pages are the rightful target of lawsuits. This resistance against registration is sure to gain momentum in the future. My hope is that by typing this it will promote my representatives and human rights organizations and the United Nations; to take action to end this cruel and unusual punishment.

Sex Offender FAQ

Are all registered sex offenders predators?

No. Most sex offence's take place in the privacy of the home with people who already no each other.
Is sex offender or any registration of any crime fair and right and free of guilt by them who enforce it?
Lying to ones self called justifying. This is a cognitive distortion and a sign of mental illness. Like saying I can disregard the Constitution of the United States and what's right to torment registered sex offenders for the rest of their lives since they have to register as a sex offenders according to the law. Consider sex offender registration for life to be unconstitutional and useless; and see if that helps you like yourself more. The predatory sex offender is not going to commit a offence in their neighborhood; therefore it is useless to publish in shame, immorally; the sins of the registered sex offenders as what defines them.
Is psychotherapy is a good choice for the police to require for probation or parole of the those convicted of a sex offence? 
Yes I think psychotherapy is a good choice for the police to require for probation or parole of the those convicted of a sex offence. Remember though; the entire probation and parole system for the sex offender is unconstitutional and is the definition of cruel and unusual punishment to any intelligent person. The problem with allot of men is they are unable to take it serious. It does not help that the police only use psychotherapists they choose. and manipulate them as if they are on the police parole. Usually I think they only use psychotherapists with former experience in police work. Basically the psychotherapist is on the police parole If the probation or the parole officer does not like them they simply do not refer people to them people. This makes the psychotherapist do what ever they say. The psychotherapist becomes just another probation officer.
Should polygraph examiners be used as a part of psychotherapy for any people on probation or parole?

Polygraph examiners? This is typical overkill. Do all therapists use polygraphs? The word polygraph has no place in the same sentence as therapy. I just think the use of polygraphs; has abuse me written all over it.
Should officers go to offenders homes while they are on probation or parole to check to see if they are following the rules of their probation or parole?

Yes sure. Ok. As long as it is done with in the confines of the law. I would prefer stake outs on probation and parolees; to prove where they work and live. We live in a computer world now and it would be easy for the police to monitor offenders on probation or parole like this to verify their residence and work place. Does this mean it is ok to stalk a registered sex offender for the rest of their lives because they have to register as a sex offender for life in some states. No absolutely not!
Should anyone be allowed by law to post information about crimes people have committed on the internet or any other media?

I have no idea why private company's in other country's can list sex offenders on the internet and then charge the sex offenders hundreds of dollars to have their names removed from there web sites, I have read these myself in the past. Consider sex offender registration for life to be unconstitutional and useless at best and you will see this for what it is; fear mongering. The predatory sex offender is not going to commit a offence in their neighborhood; therefore it is useless to publish in shame, immorally; the sins of the sex offender and their personal information about them and their families and their neighborhoods city's states and country's. The predatory sex offender would never make it through the system in our country to be on the streets in the first place.

How many sex offenders will reoffend?

There are references to sex offenders recidivating as a fifty, fifty chance; even some doctors support this theory. The word recidivate is not the same word as reoffend. I have actually seen government web pages confuse the meaning of recidivate.

Statistics of people arrested for sex crimes reoffending are extremely low. The embarrassment itself is enough in most cases to accomplish this. I refuse to believe a sex crime offenders would make it through probation or parole system and reoffend unless they were mentally challenged. It is a waist of tax payers money to register anyone for sex crimes.

The definition of recidivated is simple: past tense. If any doctor knew the Nazi like interrogation and prisoner treatment of people on probation and parole for sex offenses across our country would reevaluate this assessment for our county.


It would be wrong for anyone to condemn cruel and unusual punishment, without providing some input of a solution: What if all the disciplinary action only came from the probation officer and not the therapist? These people need to open up about sex, and that is not easy, especially to those one percent of men who are unaffected by probation or parole. I think this would be imposable for women. Women take everything to heart and should never be on probation or parole for any prolonged length of time.

Saying offenders will recidivate is at best contrived in other words a lie. This comes from something that has been on the internet for a while called something like why a sex offender cannot be rehabilitated. I think what the Doctor was trying to say is the behavior leading up to the offence will reoccur, if you even believe such a thing. If you read A Criminal Mind that book totally refutes any such notion. And this book refutes that book and so and so on. All of this is theory at best in other words guessing. To commit a violation of the law is just that. After being punished does a human being have the ability to not commit that offence ever again, absolutely with out a doubt yes; and I am sure that actual statistics would prove that, not theory's.

Do you think that this text would be as popular on the internet as the web pages on why sex offenders will reoffend? No it never will because as of right now the internet in other words the media; has only destroyed registered sex offenders and their communities. The internet media thinks by reporting negative things about sex crimes they will sell more magazines and newspapers and get more people to watch their shows. The truth is they are stopping free speech like this and destroying communities crippling them to the point they will be no good for any business.
Would psychotherapy help people on probation or parole for any violation of a crime?

Psychotherapy can help anyone on earth. It never hurts to talk to someone openly about their problems. Hopefully you have this type of relationship with your family at home if not of course psychotherapy is a great solution to that.
The problem is when it goes over the top into the dangerous territory of cruel and unusual punishment. This also depends on the definition of psychotherapy. Does this mean therapists that are accredited are useless unless they are approved by the police? If I was a therapist I would take offence to this . The sex offender needs a therapist not another probation officer.
Because sex offences are not reported does this justify public humiliation? 
84% of child abuse is not reported? I have read this on a government web site recently. That can not be right. I do think child abuse is the number one abuse not reported though. This statement is like all of the words found on these pages blatant and not researched or providing any proof. I am totally on the side of the police to catch child molesters do not get me wrong. If I was a average person reading these pages on this web site paid for by tax dollars; it would make me think all sex offenders need to be put to death and that is fear mongering, unproven, scapegoating, persecuting, hatemongering, generalizing, lies. How can we ever hope to get parents and family members to admit to sexually molesting their children if we will send them to prison for like?
Should all pornography be illegal for registered sex offenders to view.
Life is full of nakedness. Sex sells that is what the media and the internet loves about sex offenders. I read this on a recent government web site: "some legal pornography can still be used to fuel offenders' sexual fantasies of children" This is not a attack against sex offenders it is a attack on pornography by the religious right wing. Not all sex offenders are arrested for child abuse or like pornography. You can moon someone and be arrested as a sex offender. You can be against pornography all you want, through free speech; but it should not be against all sex offenders only, believe me I tried. I fought my art classes on nude models to no avail. Just the fact that this is mentioned is: fear mongering, unproven, scapegoating, persecuting, hatemongering, generalizing, lies. If you want to fight pornography fine; but leave the already tormented sex offenders family's alone by not getting them arrested for buying a Playboy magazine at the local Seven Eleven.
Should you search for child porn web sites and what about the media's Amber alert?
Of course I think it is good to help children. Are all sex offenders are responsible for all Missing and Exploited Children? I read something like this on a government web page recently. I am glad there are organizations to help children; but why is a ad on a government web site for a private company. I did not know our tax dollars go to running ads for private organizations via our local government. The government web page I read asked to report child porn web sites to this organization. Why would anyone search for or go to a child pornography web sites? I actually heard of a story of someone searching for child porn sites to report and was arrested as a registered sex offender.

What about the Amber alert?As far as I know; 99% of the time there is a Amber Alert it is a family member and not a registered sex offender responsible. Again are all registered sex offenders child molesters or aroused by children? This is not true at all.

Is deferred adjudicated the same as a conviction?
This is not right or lawful in anyway; that this is not upheld. People who are obviously prejudice against registered sex offenders; would promote ignoring this law and should be considered a sign of quilt. Deferred adjudicated sentence probation is supposed to mean by law that the person is not guilty. If a person is given a deferred sentence there should be no record of it by law: if probation is completed (very few complete probation in Texas) successfully. Therefore if deferred adjudicated is upheld the way it should be; why on earth would that person have to register for life as a sex offender? Since the sex offender registration craze; that Texas has excelled above any other states on; it seems ok to ignore the letter of the law when it comes to persecuting roistered sex offenders. When you ignore the law it is like a domino effect to the eventual fall of a government.

What cases of sex offences should have to register?

For certain offences people are made to register. technically deferred adjudicated cases should not have to register because it is not a conviction. Also since no law should be made retroactive; as far as I know when sex offender registration was enforced around 2002 no one before then in Texas should have to register. Some people say the law was made in 1997 in Texas. There are many laws that do not get enforced like spitting on a side walk etcetera. When ever the law concerns sex offenders in Texas the law gets perverted and this will be our country's and our states' downfall. Does this mean for offences against children only, should have to register? It should. I am willing to bet that 99.9% of all cases where a sex offender can be given registration in our state; are given registration. To the embarrassment of us all; Texas also goes above and beyond when it comes to this. I am also sure that so called violent cases are blown out of proportion and not violent at all. In fact I know that for a fact where I live this is the case; non violent cases are prosecuted as violent cases. I think this paragraph is also proof that when it comes to sex offences in our state; it is quick to twist the law against sex offender case loads every chance they get.
Should probation and parole departments in Texas bother the police?
It is no secret to anyone in our state that when a person is place on probation or parole that most of their Constitutional rights are taken away. Do you think that a real police officer wants to stalk sex offenders, or stop real crime? In our state the probation or parole departments do not need the police at all; they are worse than police. My father was a police officer and his friends were my good friends, Growing up as a officers son in the streets of my city where my dad was a police officer for over 25 years; made me hate crime. On the mean streets on the east coast when I was growing up; as a cops son you were automatically a target by criminals. Having my life threatened by street thugs several times left me with a great love and respect for the law and hatred for crime. I know stalking registered sex offenders who are not a danger at all is a cowards job; in the mind of a true police officer. At least this is how my friends and highly decorated police officers from my city in New England would see it. 
If someone is given deferred adjudicated probation, by permission of the victim and the family; should they have to register as a sex offender?
This is a perversion of the law; differed means not guilty, no admission of quilt. Deferred adjudicated probation can not be given to a sex offender with out permission from the family by law in Texas. Again do you really want to take Texas's word on the letter of the law when it comes to sex offenders? I have seen many a right wing republican campaign run on; what I would do to sex offenders if you elect me. It is like saying I will ruin people and their family's and their community's; if you elect me. This is called fear mongering, unproven psychotherapy theory's, scapegoating, persecuting, hatemongering, generalizing, and lies.
Are laws perverted when it comes to being applied to sex offences?
Isn't it nice to know that citizens of the United States of America are stripped of their U. S. Constitution rights when they are registered sex offenders? Texas seems to enjoy boasting about it. Where in the sex offender laws does it say that when a person registers: that all personal information must be provided to the police. When were laws like job location must be made public for instance? Was this law applied retroactive against the Texas Constitutional and the laws of our country? Yes they were. I guaranty if this was any offence like murder or assault all of which are far worse offences than sex ofences; no laws would be perverted like this. This should weigh heavy on all of our consciences. When it is ok to pervert laws here and there; than how close are we to ignoring the law in general?
Is the letter of the law applied to sex offender cases?
Again it seems to me to be making up the law as we go along; is ok to do when it comes to sex offences. I wonder how much trouble the state government uses the law to the advantage of the registered sex offender's constitutional rights? I would think hardly ever. Do you think our local police ever research the law thoroughly and finds where the laws do not apply because laws can not be applied because laws cannot be made retroactive according to the Texas Constitution and the laws of America?
Is failure to comply with sex offender registration laws a felony offense?
Yes I am sure this law is quick to be used possibly even retroactive in some cases. If this law is used against someone with a differed adjudicated cases; isn't that against the law? Extensive research needs to be done in every sex offence case. If these pages reflect the state's view toward such cases; do you think this takes place? I think: every opportunity to cover up and fudge records is taken full advantage of; at the least. I know for a fact that this takes place and can provide proof of it. 
How did we live without sex offences being published publically?
I will take a educated guess at how many actual predatory sex offenders there are in our state. This means people that hunt for people to molest at random; I would say 5%. All predatory registered sex offenders in Texas are in prison; there is no doubt in my mind about this. If there was a predatory registered sex offender not in prison they would never sexually victimized anyone in their own neighborhood. I am so happy the DPS is keeping us safe from being sexually molested on our way to the mailbox by publicly destroying our community's on the internet. I have no Idea how we existed before the DPS started putting people in stocks like medieval police. Now DPS don't get mad at me; I tell you all the time how I worked for motor vehicle back east for over a year, that makes me like family to you all.

Recently enacted laws can not be made retroactive by state and federal law; and this makes things even worse that they are. DPS websites are not free of charge; they are paid for by our taxes. Many hateful people just copy and paste this damaging information to their private web sites, with what seems like the blessing of our state.

Do government web sites promote private company's making money from DPS postings?
I know this for a fact that they do. In fact that is one of the reasons I started working so hard on this web site. This should be illegal and these company's should be charged. I know that there are web sites that offer the sex offender a opportunity to take this information off the internet for hundreds of dollars.
Are the conditions of probation and parole lawful, constitutional and fair for sex offenders?

I am sure every registered sex offender is issued the same unconstitutional requirements meant for them to fail; unknowing to them when willing to take probation or parole by the courts. Some conditions are made even more extreme at the prejudices of the local community and courts in the south. Please do not ever accuse me of hating the south because I have loved it since I was a child. My favorite music since I was a child to this day; is southern rock. Also my favorite movies since I was a child have been westerns and my father and my grandfather too. I have done more western art than most western artist do in a life time. My house is like a warehouse full of my western art paintings I created. I have even had media coverage because of this art that has left me famous with not one cent to show for it. To this day when ever I do art it is western art, I have also archived with hundreds of professionally done photos the country side were I live in Texas. I was trained to do great photography in college by one of the best photographers in the world. I could actually have a art show with what I have in print right now.

Are registered sex offenders drained of any money they have immorally; making our justice system common thieved?
Yes; about 50,000 every 10 years is a good estimate. Can you say inhuman? It turns our justice system into thieving telemarketer's. If there is any chance that they can get money from you any way they can; the courts will get it. You have to ask yourself, was I targeted to get money from me by our very government? If your poor you can at least go to prison to provide jobs to jailers and prison. The state gets allot of money from America to finance it's prisons. Prisons are big business. A good book to read is: Texas Tough The Rise of America's Prison Empire . This will eventually break down our country and destroy our economy. Bad morals always catch up to you and you always reap what you sew.
Should all registered sex offenders be considered a danger to children and or weak people?
No not at all, this is inhuman. Still why would anyone want to have any thing to do with children if they are not their own? All registered sex offenders are most definitely considered a threat to all children and weak people and animals by our justice system and the teachings of probation and parole company's. How is a registered sex offender supposed to work or even function if they have to avoid being the same building as a child? This is what is acquired by todays probation and parole boards. All sex offenders is the reality of it all. You are considered a child molester automatically here even if your offence has nothing to do with children. Mothers and fathers taken from their families. This is so sad and it has been going on since the sex offender media internet craze began around 1996. Most of these moms and dads are most likely to go to prison eventually; because of unreasonable probation or parole requirements, that are created for them to fail; leaving their children's children on welfare and costing tax payers more and more money. If the justice system keeps going on it's present route it will put our entire country on welfare. The collapse of our entire country and in the background our justice system and non of us have the humility to admit to blame them. To admit we are wrong. To not admit you are wrong is the fall of every human being in my opinion. In 2009, more than 7.2 million people in Americas were in prison, in jail, on probation or on parole. That's equal to the combined populations of all major U.S. cities! I copied this from this cool little web site:
Should all registered sex offenders be not permitted to reside near schools or daycare centers, and be prohibited from frequenting places where children are known to congregate?
This is one of the most absurd laws I have ever heard of and has always turned my stomach since I first read about it in the Dallas Morning News. It should repulse us all to treat a United States Citizen like this. People are forced to leave their home because of this and made homeless. This is how sick we have become. Through the invocation of the media and the internet, this paranoia is propelled on us? Why? We need to understand entertainment is not the reason for crimes at all. Pornography does not make people sex offenders. Movies and video games do not make people go on shooting sprees. The media and the internet are designed to entertain us or to inform us; not to run our justice system. Can't go to fast food restaurants, department stores the doctor and on and on; after all kids might be there. How good is this for the economy? 
Should registered sex offenders be prohibited from viewing or purchasing pornography or restricted from accessing the internet?
Can anyone say free speech violation? To create laws against pornography would make us no better than our worst enemy's. Are we run by religion? That is why our founding fathers emphasized separation of church and state, making us the prosperous country we are. The pilgrims when they came to America were escaping religious persecution. The ACLU seems the only thing saving us from this all these days. And then there is the internet; we would not want registered sex offenders standing up for their U.S. Constitutional rights; the only proper way; on the internet, after all. The internet has become the only form of free speech that everyone in America can have a platform. Is the justice system afraid of people exercising free speech? Free speech is the very foundation of our country and the reason we are great. Free speech is in the Constitution of the United States. Considering pornography; nudity is every where, television commercials etc.. and has been proven by law to be constitutional right and a form of free speech and expression. I do not think after being arrested for a sex crime the arrestee wants to view porn, I would think the opposite; with most people. Their is always a few bad apples; but it is not right to treat everyone; because of 1%. That is what the government does; that is why sex offender registration is immoral and will never work. The government has no choice but to group people together and will never be able judge people individually.

Should registered sex offenders be kept off the internet' to keep them from manipulating the system?
Yes we do not want registered sex offenders manipulating the system by trying to fight for rational treatment of our community's people's lives. That would be like a ant manipulating a mountain; unfortunately, against a seemingly insane political system pitted against registered sex offenders to get votes from fear mongering. This is a paranoid statement at best, yet it seems to me to be the reason the system does not want registered sex offenders on the web. Now with internet spying it seems that spying on registered sex offenders to not only accepted but actually encouraged. There is actual talk about the United Nations creating laws against internet spying; I hope they do, see the ACLU web site for more info. I never thought I would ever side with the United Nations over my country but I do about sex offender registration and internet spying. Cyber bullies hacking registered sex offenders is a violation of free speech at best. The internet was founded on free speech so don't blame me that I warned you; when the internet gets shut down because of cyber bullies and hateful prejudice people. I believe in spying on terrorist and people plotting to kill people and things like that. I do not believe in spying on everyone indiscriminately, that is sick and insane. Do registered sex offenders manipulate the system so they can reoffend; by exercising free speech. This way of thinking seems right out of Nazi Germany. The statistics of people reoffending after being arrested are extremely low. There is no way any law enforcer agencies are afraid of the registered sex offenders manipulating the system. It seems like justification to take human rights away from the registered sex offender; is more like it. That is mentally challenged at best, it seems like when it comes to registered sex offenders our leadership becomes like Humphrey Bogart in movie The Caine Mutiny (1954).

Do registered sex offenders on probation and parole get fair treatment by psychotherapists?

The probation officer uses the so called therapist like a puppet. Cycles; another theory based type of so called therapy enforced by the so called psychotherapist and the probation parole officer joined at the hip. I believe in the sex offender finding out about cycles and what lead up to them offending, I do not believe these are why the offender broke the law. I am sure that in many cases the offender does not realize they are even committing a sex offence. Just getting arrested for the sex offence is all it takes for that person to never do that again in their life. No this is too simple for the psychotherapist or PO to admit; is true after all they need the money that probation or parole is providing. So the lying liars prevail and the unlawful behavior is aloud to continue, paid for by our tax dollars. I also think one solution to all this is for the PO to have no contact with the therapist. The problem is as simple as the justice system being way too extreme because of the media's campaign against sex offenders so they get higher ratings and sell more news papers and magazines. So you have a entire country shaming itself and turning on it's own people causing it eventually to implode like every country that has done this very same thing through out history. High risk situations like what? The offender liked a certain kind of music when they were having sex around the time of their offence? Then you have the offender going along with the so called therapist and probation officer not because they want to keep from offending but because they are intimidated. So if the offender listens to that music they go to prison. The bottom line is none of this needs to be. Do you think a extreme place like our state cares about all the broken torchered tormented people it leaves in it's wake? Absolutely not. The old west cowboy way was to hang them all and let the cards fall where they may. Texas was the last state in America to outlaw public hangings. When you are on probation in Texas your probation can be revoked for no lawful reason at all like waving on a school bus driver after he almost crashes. A federal investigation should be invoked to research every case of sex offenders sent to prison on unlawful probation revocations. Countless lives ruined, polluting society for what listening to a certain kind of music or drinking a bear?   
Should the registered sex offender's who can not find a job be made to give money to the system that destroys their families and community's?
Yes the person on probation must pay for psychotherapy and tests. Got to keep the local businesses pockets full after all. That combined with polygraphs psych evaluations and every kind of test that the probation parole officers can make the person on probation take; can quickly put them on welfare costing even more of your tax dollars to be drained from you to set all this nonsense up. For probation and parole, every week of so called therapy and all types of tests paid for by every last dime they can get from the ruined family's; they destroyed. And if you can not afford it, too bad you go to prison. Is the current system of registered sex offender probation  parole; working with sex offenders? From the very same system that put's people in prison; that it shouldn't in the first place; through Nazi like tactics, accepted as the norm for destroying our community's, in the name of protecting us all from sex offenders all told to us by lying liars it should fear? It is not easy to say I am lying to myself; cognitive distortions are the most common form of lying. Like saying it is ok to imprison registered sex offenders because they are not popular on the internet or the media. I believe that 90% of registered sex offenders in prison right now should not be there. Red flags? Red flags are built up to be considered prison sentences in other words. People will not hide anything; that want to get better right? So the offender will end up making things up so that they are not taken from there children and friends and family's. Then these very things they make up could be used against them to send them to prison. Now let's talk about polygraphs and how it relates to the last 2 sentences I just typed.
Should polygraphs be required for probation and parole?
Polygraph Examiners? This is insane. How many polygraph examiners can you find that do not have at least a little contempt for registered sex offenders; believing all the lies spread about such subjects. Any one for that matter; thanks to the internet and media as well. Polygraph examiners are supposed to be tough in the first place though; so this just makes it worse. Yes polygraph examiners for spy's and government leaks and the like. Polygraphs for people on probation should be against the law.
Should more and tougher laws be made against the already persecuted registered sex offender?
More lies is more like it. Our great country that I love; needs to wake up before it is too late. I absolutely hated writing this; but I am doing it because I care and want to help us all. I have no doubt that this way of thinking is accepted across our great land, that does not make it right. The problem is when the extreme southern states that have a long reputation of repression; get a hold of such ways of the law and run way out of bounds with it. Also I want to say I love the south, and the wild west hero; a life time of art I have created is proof of that. Also anyone that knows me will tell you I am very patriotic an love my country.
Is the media and the internet to blame for the inhuman treatment of registered sex offenders their families?
At a time when sex offenders are in the news? I actually read recently on a government web site that basically the media is to blame. The problem is when the southern states takes it personal. It was told this was told to me on the phone by a high ranking local government worker who was about to retire; that the only reason for the tough treatment of registered sex offenders was because of the media. This entire paragraph speaks for it self and the paranoia trump up by the media and the internet's overly judgmental, closed minded, people; who seem to be the majority or at least the loudest. It is time for the internet and media; who depend on free speech to listen to all sides. This has to change and I believe it could happen if we could educate people or until every family in the south is related to a loved one that is a registered sex offender; what ever comes first. I would not want to live in a world that has every family member as a registered sex offender would you? Education is our salvation. Every family with one sex offender is to our damnation. People need to understand that everyone is a sex offender. At one point in all lives you have to at least have a thought of mooning someone or walking around nude in your back yard or asking a women on a date that you know would say no, or getting a women to flash her boobs. I can think of hundreds of movies and popular music where sex offences are excepted as a everyday occurrence. Like John Lennon say "why don't we do it in the road" or Adam Sandler feeling up the teacher in the movie Billie Madison. The south has a long history of prejudice and repression the sex offender is just one way to vent that in another direction. We need to do away with all  prejudice and repression and I think this is possible. The one step in this direction that needs to be taken is to end all inhuman registration of all sex offenders.
Should registered sex offenders be given probation and parole?
We need to build more schools and less prisons to keep people from relying on prisons to solve their problems. Prisons will be our downfall. Private prisons should be illegal. Here is a link to a great book to read that I wish I could afford myself:

Will having more prisons make us a better society?

The system is not good and not productive at all this is the point of me writing all this. To bate people with money to get them to accept probation or parole is also not right either.

Is recidivism is confused as reoffending buy our legal system?

Recidivism is not the same thing at all. It does not mean reoffend it means a mode of behavior based on the findings of that particular system. If you are talking about police brutality's form of psychotherapy; recidivism and reoffending do mean the same thing. If this registration system or any extreme system like this that blows things out of proportion in a paranoid manner and see's things for the opposite of what they really are; it is not to be trusted at all or even believed. I can tell you that way to much of our tax payers dollars here and in the south go to investigations, prosecutions, and incarcerations that are nothing more that sexually paranoid delusions. One of the main problems is the religious right wing and their long accepted influence over the southern portion of our great country. Think of all the good that money could do. The one thing I personally always think of is education. It is not my job to be a politician and I prefer to stay out of politics because of  all the legal reading they have to do. That is why we vote. I never miss a vote neither should you.

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