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The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights.

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No sexual abuse is ever acceptable. Sex offense laws and policies should be based on sound research and common sense, not fear, panic or paranoia. Current laws and policies that paint all sex offenders with one broad brush are counter- productive, wasteful, and cause needless harm. Each offense must be judged on its own merits with a punishment that fits the crime and does not waste taxpayer dollars. The public sex offender registry and residency restriction laws do not protect children but instead ostracize and dehumanize individuals and their families. Money spent on purely punitive measures would be better used for prevention, healing, and rehabilitation.

The author of SO FAQ does not affiliate with any other organization or people on the internet or the world for that matter. I have been saying this since I first logged on to the internet. Just because I like organizations like the ACLU; does not mean I believe in everything they believe in or stand for. Just like in our great country when we vote; we will never believe in everything the candidate we vote for; believes in or stands for. That doe not mean we are should not vote.

Why Sex Offender Laws Do More Harm Than Good

The vast majority of sex offenses are committed by trusted adults-family members, friends, clergy-and go unreported because of manipulation of the victims, unconscionable decisions by other adults, or both.


PA - Juvenile Law Center Wins Second Ruling Declaring Pennsylvania's Juvenile Sex Offender Registration Requirements Unconstitutional


Sex Crime News

As a courtesy to individuals that are accused and denigrated by the media, we do not post sensationalized articles – only law-related.


“there is no correlation between residency restrictions and reducing sex offenses against children or improving the safety of children.” Other groups have noted that laws like these perpetuate the myth that most child sex offenses are committed by strangers, when in fact the overwhelming majority are committed by relatives and people the child knows.


CURE takes the position that sex offender registries be abolished.  Present laws have rarely assisted in prevention of an abusive situation.  Approximately 90% of all sex offenses are committed by a family member or close acquaintance1. Recidivism rates of less than 5%, by convicted sex offenders2, certainly mitigates against the efficacy of the tremendous expenditure for the registries.


Florida appears to be about the top state when it comes to fascist sex offender laws.


A popular 15-year-old student  has committed suicide after he reportedly faced expulsion and being placed on  the sex offenders’ register simply for streaking at a high school football  game.


An Iowa man who was required to complete sex offender treatment got that requirement reversed by the Court of Appeals.


Sex offender fights registry by registering his registrars



I just voted in the survey that can be found on this page:

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The 2013 Shiitake Awards has arrived! Voting ends January 31, 2014

Which of the following is the DUMBEST NEW LAW of 2013?   
  1. H.R.2642: Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013, Sec. 4037: This amendment to the Food Stamp bill was created by the diaper-wearing David Vitter. If it passes, will deny Registered Citizens food stamps for life, and states cannot opt out of the provision
  2. Miami Ordinance moves to remove homeless Registrants from Pottinger Homeless Protection Act: Miami has petitioned the court to exclude registrants from a 1998 decision which granted protections against police abuse of the homeless and in assistance for finding permanent housing.
  3. Montana SB 113: If passed, this bill would have allowed past allegations, even false allegations, to be used against you in court. This would have violated due process. Thankfully, it died in standing committee
          Due process is a American institution! With out it we would be in complete anarchy and in   exact opposition to our constitution.

2. Which of the following politicians deserves the WORST POLITICO award for 2013?

Which of the following politicians deserves the WORST POLITICO award for 2013?   
  1. Bradford Co FL Sheriff Gordon Smith: Posted red signs in the yards of “sexual predators” in his community, and posed for pictures in an Abu Ghraib-like fashion. 
  2. FL judge Migna Sanchez-Llorens: Judge Sanchez-Lliorens refused to release a man wrongfully incarcerated for 25 years, despite the jury recommendation for immediate release.
  3. Laura Ahearn, Parents for Megan’s Law: Cites vigilante attack site Evil Unveiled as a relevant source when attacking a critic of her work of harassing registrants in her community.

Which of the following journalists deserve the award for WORST NEWS MUTT of the year 2013?
  1. Sally Kestin and Dana Williams, FL Sun Sentinel: After reading their fearmongering headline “Sexual Predators Unleashed” in the Sun Slantinel, which declared 500 or so registered citizens not civilly committed reoffended over a 14 year period, FloriDUH pols have created a series of stupid bills. This article, of course, was written in response to the Cherish Perrywinkle case.
  2. Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian: What better way to unveil the new version of The Oregonian than to declare your state a “per capita” sex offender haven? Especially given your proverbial “haven” is a county the size of Vermont with a population of 7,000 people. Furthermore, she insisted on sticking with the premise of the article after being given the facts by activists.
  3. Jeanne Sager, Café Mom writer: Sager suggested that a woman who lost custody of her kid to a (falsely accused) registered citizen should kidnap the child and go into hiding. She ignored the fact that the woman was declared unfit by a judge and that the registrant is most likely innocent of his initial crime.
          Say what? Which of the following quotes is the DUMBEST QUOTE of 2013?
  1. Bruce M. Ferg, US Attorney (AZ), on prosecuting a 10 year old kid as a sex offender: "My opinion is this is the best thing that could've happened to the kid..."It is not vague to say, 'If you do this kind of activity, we don't care what age you are, you are liable for prosecution.' "
  2. Lauren Book, victim industry advocate: "In so many instances these individuals should never ever be allowed out for a second chance, they're ticking time bombs, it’s not a question if they re-offend, it's a question of when they re-offend."
  3. Jefferson Co. AL Randy Christian on registration during a disaster: "We hold them accountable every day of the year and when they come in to register we let them know there will be no excuses, not even a disaster. We take a no excuses approach with those guys. We think that that's necessary and think it's the right thing to do. And that's just the way we're going to handle it. Listen if they, even if they go to a shelter, we notify the people in the shelter just like we would notify a community when one moves in."

           This way of thinking is insane, for real.

Which of the following candidates most deserves the "EVERYDAY ZEROES 2013" award? This is the category for everyday citizens and wannabe vigilantes.   
  1. Bubba the Love Sponge: Long time controversial Florida shock jock follows example of fellow Shiitake nominee Sheriff Gordan and posts self-made red “predator” signs at the homes of registrants just before halloween in a publicity stunt.
  2. Meg Lanker-Simons: The University of Wyoming Feminist/ Politial Blogger who created a fake account and threatened to rape herself in lame attempt to garner attention for her blog
  3. Sara Ylen of Michigan: She falsely accused a man for rape over a decade ago, gaining fame and fortune in the process. This year, she was finally arrested for making another false allegation.
          This guy needs to be arrested.

HOLY SHIITAKES is the category for the dumbest sex offender/ Registered Citizen related story of the year. Which story most deserves this award?
  1. Kevin Alan Tussy’s Google Glass Facial Recognition App --- Aside from teaching people how to circumvent the Google Glass ban on facial scanners, Tussy is using registrants to justify violation the ethics code to sell his face scanners and to try to make millions.
  2. Registrant arrested for having one bullet in his car --- Nicholas Elizondo can’t catch a break. First, the guy served time for a crime he most assuredly didn't commit after being prosecuted by one of the chief proponents of the Satanic Ritual Abuse panic in Bakersfield. Then, the guy has been ridiculed for winning custody of his child after the mother was proven to be an unfit parent. Now, the guy was arrested, and his child taken away, because cops say they found a single bullet in his car.
  3. NC Registrant arrested for attending church ---- Lincoln County officials say Bandy attended worship services Nov. 24 and last Sunday at New Vision Ministries in Lincolnton. Investigators say Bandy also attended Sunday school. Deputies say that put Bandy within 300 feet of the church’s day care and Sunday school classes for children. He was arrested Wednesday and released on $5,000 bond.
 The ICBS NATIONAL CHUMPionship is the category for worst state of the year. Which of the following states do you feel is the worst state of 2013?
  1. FLORIDA --- FloriDUH has won three of first five Shiitake Awards. In the wake of the Cherish Perrywinkle case and the subsequent Sun-Slantinel article sounding the alarm about "sexual predators" who dodged civil commitment and later reoffended, FloriDUH is already looking to pass a barrage of knee jerk laws. In addition, Miami just removed registrants from a homeless rights protection bill.
  2. NEW YORK --- Suffolk County gave registration verification powers to the non-profit group Parents For Megan's Law and founder Laura Ahearn, at a cost of $1.2 Million a year.
  3. ALABAMA --- Two politicians try each year (failing, thankfully) to pass two bad bills. Kurt Wallace seeks to pass anti-clustering laws, and Steve Hurst wants to pass a mandatory surgical castration bill for all Registrants with victims age 12 or younger.

Judge rules sex offender data in Benton County not public information
A Tri-City judge ruled Wednesday the personal information of low-level sex offenders in Benton County is not public information and shouldn't be released to a Mesa woman.
Judge Bruce Spanner's ruling comes after more than a month of deliberation about whether the data should be released to Donna Zink.
Zink has no "legitimate interest" in it, Spanner wrote in his 13-page decision. The information, if released, would cause irreparable harm to more than 400 Level 1 sex offenders.
Spanner said the information is considered confidential under other state and federal statutes and therefore is exempt from release.
"There is no showing that the information requested is either relevant or necessary," Spanner wrote. "Our Supreme Court has determined that Level 1 sex offender registration is in most instances 'confidential' and that the public has 'no legitimate' interest therein because those offenders do not pose any threat to the community."


Read more here:
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Almost all sex crimes are falsely prosecuted! The emotional nature of the crime throws a big bunch of confusion into the court system.

That combined with our country's hang up with sex.

That combined with the sex industry of our country making millions hand over foot.

That combinedbined with the media and the internet motivated by the "sex sells" motto.

This all makes the sex crime the most unfairly tried court case in the history of the world. I believe at least 80% of the people in prison for sex crimes should not be there. Most sex crimes are between family members or someone you know or trust; not by a predator. Most registered sex offenders are falsely judged by our society as predators. To judge someone falsely is a very serious thing. I believe it will be the down fall of us all; to treat other humans this way. unless we wise up. Sex offender laws are new laws, the constitution of the United States is our foundation and is what started our great country. Which would you consider more sound and stable?  The fact is that this way of closed minded thinking is extremely unpopular. Closed mindedness has been described as a mental disorder. If history has proven anything; what is extremely unpopular like gay rights or to end racism; ends up to be the everyday norm. I believe in the future the public registration of any person for any crime will be abolished and illegal and people going to prison for sex crimes will be few and far between. My hope is that I might be a voice of reason to this emotionally charged debate. I care about my country and my community and the world for that matter, and only want to help, that is the purpose of this blog. My new year's resolution was to help others on the internet and this is what I came up so far. I just want to do my part to help us all to enjoy life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence.[1] The phrase gives examples of the various "unalienable rights" which the Declaration says all human beings have been given by their Creator and for the protection of which they institute governments.

No matter how wronged I may ever be by our great country. Thee greatest country the world has ever know; in my opinion. I would never let that deter my vow of patriotism from birth; from being more powerful than Nathan Hale himself.

I would like to ad this for your consideration. What better way to present ourselves to our enemies around the world than as a nation of crazed sex offenders.

Here is one for the right wing religious republicans that are the main backers of un-American sex offender laws. YOU BEEN DUPED!:

Added to a relatively old list of Republican Sex Offenders Added to a relatively old list of Republican Sex Offenders (, put together long before the Mark Foley, David Vitter or Larry Craig scandals, is the name of hypocritical, anti-gay, moralizing, self-proclaimed Reverend Grant Storms.  The Louisiana Times-Picayune reported on this hypocrit on their website under the headline:
Rev. Grant Storms, critic of Southern Decadence, convicted of obscenity for public masturbation
"The Rev. Grant Storms, the former "Christian patriot" pastor whose marches against homosexuality at New Orleans' Southern Decadence festival briefly put him in the national spotlight, was convicted of obscenity Wednesday, for exposing himself while masturbating at Lafreniere Park last year.
 "Storms received national media attention in 2003, for his leading his small congregation through the French Quarter during the annual gay festival, Southern Decadence, admonishing homosexuals and calling the city of New Orleans a 'prostitute' for allowing the event that generates tourism dollars. A Bourbon Street merchants association at one point went to court to get a restraining order barring Storms and his followers from using bullhorns. National news media converged on New Orleans in 2003 to cover his protests.
Here is a little ditty I stumbled on:
 How to Survive in Prison as an Innocent Man Convicted of a Sex Offense (Revised 2013)
From: Issues in Child Abuse Accusations 1997
I wrote the following way back in the 1997 while I was doing time in Oregon. A rather easy prison system to do time in. I was young, tough, and adamant about my innocence. When I did time in the notorious California prison system starting in 2001 I received a huge wake up call. These are real prisons here. I had never seen so much violence in my life. Every time a riot kicked off I was somehow right in the middle of it. I still walked the mainline, but was always concerned about my safety. If my status as a "convicted sex offender" would of came out I could of been killed. Would not have mattered to "my bros" I was innocent. They would of tried to kill me. In 2006, Jessica's Law was passed by CA voters and I went on the run again. I've lived "underground" off and on for the past 25 years trying to escape The Sex Crime Witch Hunters. I always knew I would be recaptured. I always am. Only this time I decided that when I was arrested I was going to put myself In Protective Custody (PC). That's exactly what I did in 2008. Should of done it years ago! What the hell did I have to prove. If your convicted of a sex crime, even if your innocent - go PC ! It could save your life. Another view of mine that has changed is my attitude on taking Psych. Meds in prison. If you're going nuts in there get on medication. The following is an old article of mine, but still has some useful information.

Psychology Editor's Note: This article includes some strong views that may be surprising and challenging.  We have chosen to publish it because we believe prisoners have a right to seek interaction with those outside the prison walls.  We also believe there are many innocent men and women in prison who are wrongly convicted of sex offenses.  They too, have a right to stand up for their innocence.  One of the more poignant episodes in our lives was in June, 1985, when Lois Bentz, accused with her husband, Robert, of sexually abusing children in Jordan, Minnesota, was told by her attorney about a very attractive plea bargain.  With tears running down her face, Lois said to us, "I did not do it and I will not say I did something I didn't do."  The Bentzes rejected the plea bargain and went to trial.  The Bentzes were acquitted and the Jordan case is often regarded as the beginning of the "backlash" that has led to increased awareness of false accusations and the reversals of several highly publicized convictions in recent years.
Still there are many many lesser known cases where Large numbers of innocent people remain behind bars.  We receive letters every week from men and women in prison who assert their innocence.  For years we have agonized about what we can do in response.  The most we have been able to do is to try to stay in contact and provide information to assist those working on appeals.  Based upon our experience with Ms. Bentz, we have also tried to say what Mr. Anderson repeats several times in this article — maintain your own personal integrity.  Mr. Anderson tells us how he has done this for himself.  It may not be a way that works for everyone, but this is what he tells us works for him.  We believe Mr. Anderson is very likely to walk out of prison when his time is served and be standing up straight and tall.
This is a example of what was happening in 2005 as a result of what I believe to be unconstitutional and inhuman treatment of our fellow citizen's by requiring them to publicly announce their downfall's in life.



Is there a connection between Bible bashing Christians and the inhuman treatment of sex offenders? You tell me. If there is; it is against the Bible. Even though the Christian today is weaker then they ever have been in history; they are still the greatest threat to anyone under the justice system today. Make no mistake about it the worst enemy of the registered sex offender is the average self righteous Christian. "because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth."

registered sex offenders are drowning in that lukewarm spue


I hope you like the work I did on these graphics. I will do more soon. This is a subject I could write about for ever. It is also one I know gets a strong reaction by people. Just think about it though. Have you ever heard of a sex offender craze ever in the history of man? I blame it all on the Christian population. Not only is the Christian community at it's weakest point ever; at the same time they are the absolute loudest and most politically active. Disgusting isn't it? It turns my stomach even to think of it. I guess you have to realize that man has a self destructive nature. This self destructiveness seems to be personified by your average Joe Christian. Pretty sad when you think of it. Just think of the embarrassment it has cause us all, though. It is almost as though we are all being molested by todays Christian community. Kind of hard to feel sorry for them that way though.

Third Pennsylvania Judge Rules Juvenile Sex Offender Registration Unconstitutional
Pennsylvania law, juvenile sex offenders have to comply with lifetime registration requirements. But this month, a third Pennsylvania judge ruled that law unconstitutional, setting the stage for the issue to be addressed by the state supreme court.
A state appellate court says Arizona law bars lawsuits against home sellers who don't disclose that a sex offender lives next door

Nevada Supreme Court orders delay in enforcement of sex offender registration law
A new legal challenge has delayed the start of stricter registration requirements for sex offenders in Nevada.

The law, modeled after the federal Adam Walsh Act, would require many offenders who judges have said are not dangerous — including some who were as young as 14 at the time they committed a sex crime — to make their names, photos and addresses available to the public. Since Nevada lawmakers approved the law in 2007, pieces of it have gone before courts from the district to federal levels.

It was set to go into effect Feb. 1, but the Nevada Supreme Court put a temporary stop to it Thursday following a lawsuit filed by Las Vegas firm Langford McLetchie on behalf of 24 unnamed clients. The lawyers filed suit Jan. 16 in Clark County District Court to stop enforcement of the law, but on Jan. 28 Judge Douglas Smith rejected their request. So they went to the state’s high court.


A D.C. Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday that a convicted sex offender can distribute and post photos of court employees online to protest the city’s sex offender registry.

Dennis Sobin, a former pornographer who served more than a decade in prison for a sexual performance using a minor, posted the photos of employees from D.C.’s Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) on saying that sex-offender registries are unfair. A court employee filed for a civil protection order, accused him of stalking and asked the court to have Sobin to remove her photo.

I remember hearing about this on Eye Opener a local  syndicated morning news show. I like them because they talk about stuff the regular news or the internet does not talk about like this:'
INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indiana law barring most registered sex offenders from using social networking sites such as Facebook is unconstitutional, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.
The law that bans sex offenders from using sites they know allow access to youths under the age of 18 is too broad, a three-judge panel determined, and "prohibits substantial protected speech."
To be upheld, the appeals court found, such a law needs to be more specifically tailored to target "the evil of improper communication to minors."

The ruling from the 7th U.S. Circuit of Appeals in Chicago overturned a June decision by a district court judge in Indianapolis that upheld the law enacted by the legislature in 2008.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana filed a class-action suit challenging the law on behalf of sex offenders, including a man identified only as John Doe who served three years for child exploitation. The offenders were all restricted by the ban even though they had served their sentences and are no longer on probation.

"We reverse the district court and hold that the law as drafted is unconstitutional," judges Joel M. Flaum, John D. Tinder and John J. Tharp Jr. wrote in the ruling.

Republican state Sen. John Waterman, who authored the 2008 law, responded with a pledge to look for a new way to protect children from online predators that will pass Constitutional muster.

"We will study this issue again and make a new proposal," Waterman said in a statement. "Then, it will be up to the courts once more to decide whether it's narrow enough."

It was unclear Wednesday how many people may have been charged under the law over the past four years and what their immediate recourse might be.

Larry Landis, executive director of the Indiana Public Defender Council, said one thing is clear: Convictions will not automatically be vacated.

"There is no self-correction," he said, "in our criminal justice system."

Instead, those charged under the law will have to ask a court to vacate their conviction.
"It takes the person with a wrong conviction to initiate an action," Landis said.

Landis said he spoke out against the law when it was being discussed in the legislature "for the obvious reasons that it was overly broad and might interfere with employment opportunities."

But he said it was a hard sell because lawmakers have little sympathy for sex offenders — even when they have paid for their crimes.

"Often, with these kind of bills, your only success in killing them is to convince the committee chairman to not give it a hearing because you know everyone will vote for it when it comes up on the floor," he said.

That was the case with Waterman's bill. It sailed through the House and Senate without a single opposing vote. Former Gov. Mitch Daniels signed the legislation into law March 24, 2008.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt upheld the law in June, ruling the state has a strong interest in protecting children and finding that social networking has created a "virtual playground for sexual predators." She acknowledged the law's reach was broad and "captures considerable conduct that has nothing to do" with the state's goal of protecting children from predators, but found offenders have "ample alternative channels of communication."

The law made a first violation a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail. However, any subsequent, unrelated violation would be a Class D felony, carrying a penalty of up to three years in jail.

"This law is overly broad," said Ken Falk, legal director for the ACLU of Indiana. "It would even bar someone who was convicted 40 years ago from participating in a Twitter feed with the Pope."

Falk said Indiana already has laws that prohibit anyone from soliciting or engaging in inappropriate with children — and they include enhanced penalties if the act is done on the Internet.

The broad prohibition in the 2008 law hinders legitimate, constitutionally protected online interactions with other adults at a time when that form of communication is as common and necessary as the telephone was just a few years ago, Falk said.

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller said in a statement issued by his office that he is reviewing the decision to assess the state's options.

From USA Today

 I just want to say how amazing it is that the media and the internet loves to point out when a sex offender reoffends. I never said all sex offenders are not a danger. I said most of them are not. A very small percent are a danger as the actual statistics will reflect I am sure.

I quote myself:

"Registered sex offenders are not monsters; they are human beings with souls. Human beings deserve to be treated humanly and not judged as a population of people; but as individuals.

 There are almost 800,000 registered sex offenders  in America; and their friends and family. Many of these people have been unjustly charged with sex crimes; because of the emotional nature of this subject.

You have to see "the other side of the coin" in this emotionally charged debate. We should all care enough about ourselves to not be quick to judge others.

 I have faith in the goodness; of people.

 I hope we will all be more considerate of us all in the future. We are all Americans."

The media and the internet does not care about people as they have shown time and time again. They only like to sensationalize stories that will get them the best ratings. They love to point out when ever a woman commits a crime like a sex offence or a murder; even though it is rare woman ever even commits crimes like this, for instance. Sex offender stories get more ratings for this reason. I have pointed out again and again, sex sells. The media does not care if what kind of sex it is. Just the fact that they get to mention the word sex must boost their ratings. America unlike most of the world is totally hung up on the word sex; thanks to the overbearing religious right wing that continues to wheeled it's power over us all even though it is against the very foundation of our great country.

I really love the new movie Anchorman 2, because it points out how the media only cares about ratings and not the news.

Here is a funny graphic I made:

This part of the movie really made me laugh.

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Do you know the CCA?
 No, not the dance from the 1980s by the group with the colorful outfits (that’s the YMCA)—I’m talking about the company formed in 1983 that now makes $1.7 billion in taxpayer money each year for imprisoning people. It’s the Corrections Corporation of America.
 And because the United States puts more people in jail than any country on earth, business is booming.
 Of course, it also helps their bottom line that many states have given the CCA sweetheart deals—*such as contracts that force the government to pay extra money if prison beds are any less than 90% full. Even worse, many of the CCA’s filthy prisons are understaffed and plagued by horrific cases of prisoner abuse and neglect.
 But right now, states from Texas to Kentucky are waking up to this injustice and canceling their contracts with these prison profiteers. So we’re going to turn up the heat and bring the fight to the state where the CCA makes its home: Tennessee.
Will you stand with thousands of ACLU activists and sign the petition calling on Tennessee Governor Haslam to cut ties with the CCA?
 If we can chip away at the CCA’s public image and push Governor Haslam to end contracts with them in their home state, it will have a ripple effect across the country.
 It won’t be an easy fight. The CCA spends millions each year in campaign contributions propping up politicians who support the for-profit prison industry. Many of these politicians have also supported legislation—such as “truth in sentencing” and “three strikes” laws—that helped fill private prisons with more bodies for longer sentences.
 That’s our taxpayer money hard at work, ruining the lives of so many people, often for non-violent crimes.
 But this Tax Day, we’re launching a major initiative to reveal the CCA for what it really is: a national disgrace. If thousands of ACLU supporters stand together right now, we have a real chance to deal a major blow to their dirty business.
Sign the petition calling on Governor Haslam to end CCA contracts and let’s stop filling their pockets with our tax dollars. 
 Thanks for taking action,

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*I drew this comic 15 years ago see more comics here: Sex Offender Comics

PA: Carbondale sued over Megan’s Law ordinance Posted On 14 Feb, 2014       A former Carbondale man forced from his home because his son is registered under Megan’s Law is suing the city and the mayor, alleging he was targeted for enforcement because he challenged the constitutionality of a city ordinance that limited where sex offenders could live.____ ____ of Archbald claims his son, ____, was among 15 Megan’s Law offenders living in Carbondale in 2012, but he was the only one singled out by Mayor Justin Taylor for enforcement of the ordinance, which precluded registered sex offenders from living within 2,500 feet of a school, park or other areas where children might gather.
Full Article
TX: Dallas man says he was wrongly included in sex offender database Posted On 12 Feb, 2014 DALLAS — ____ ____ says the City of Dallas wrongfully made him register as a sex offender for 13 years. Now he wants the city to pay up. “I just feel like I deserve to be recompensed for what’s done happen in all this,” said ____, 43. “I just feel like it’s wrong.”____ filed a $3 million federal lawsuit early last month, saying police violated his civil rights by refusing to recognize that he did not have a legal obligation to register. He filed the lawsuit after the city ultimately agreed that he did not have to register as a sex offender. In ____’ case, a judge set aside his conviction for sexual assault in 2000. But the City of Dallas long contended that he had to register as a sex offender.
Twisting Sexual-Assault Statistics Posted On 11 Feb, 2014 It is estimated that one in five women on college campuses has been sexually assaulted during their time there — one in five,” President Obama said on Wednesday. The occasion for this lecture: He was announcing the creation of a White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. It’s a startlingly high number that figured prominently in the leads of media reports on the announcement. As NRO contributor Heather Mac Donald pointed out the last time the administration bandied it about, if it were true it would mean that women at American colleges experience a “rate of sexual assault astronomically higher than anything seen in America’s most violent cities (in Detroit, for example, there were 36.8 rapes per 100,000 inhabitants in 2009, a rate of 0.037 percent.)
VA: Judge orders former Stafford teen’s name removed from sex offender registry, vacates sentence Posted On 11 Feb, 2014 Circuit Judge Jane Marum Roush on Monday ordered former Stafford County teen ____ ____’s name removed from the state’s Sex Offender Registry and vacated the convictions that put him there. The order resulted from Roush’s ruling that court-appointed attorney Denise Rafferty failed to provide effective assistance of counsel to Coker in 2007 as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.
Since January 2009, a team of attorneys with the Innocence Project at the University of Virginia School of Law, the law school’s Child Advocacy Clinic and Just Children/Legal Aid of Charlottesville has been working to clear ____’s name
Costa Mesa repeals law banning sex offenders from public parks Posted On 19 Feb, 2014 The Costa Mesa City Council on Tuesday night agreed to repeal an ordinance that banned registered sex offenders from entering city parks without permission from law enforcement. The council’s unanimous vote comes after state…
OK: Convicted sex offender sues to stay in his home Posted On 19 Feb, 2014 PRYOR, OK — A convicted sex offender has sued the district attorney and city of Pryor over housing dispute. ____ ____ bought a home near Jefferson Elementary School in Pryor before the sex offender law was passed which would prevent him …
Full Article
Sex Offender’s Case Won’t Face En Banc Rehearing Posted On 18 Feb, 2014 PASADENA, Calif. (CN) – The full 9th Circuit should have been called to consider whether to let a sex offender challenge his parole conditions, as the question imperils “our constitutional system’s respect for state …
TX: Constitutional or not, court allows registration requirement for sex-offenses predating registry law Posted On 22 Feb, 2014 The Texas District and County Attorneys Association’s weekly case summaries last week described a new Court of Criminal Appeals decision which required sex-offender registration for offenses committed before the creation of the…
MA: Court Says Sex Offender Law Not Retroactive Posted On 26 Mar, 2014 BOSTON (AP) — The state’s highest court has ruled that Massachusetts cannot retroactively post information about thousands of registered sex offenders on the Internet. Full Article Related: July 2013 Ruling /  Preliminary … Full Article
PA: Third Judge Rules Juvenile Sex Offender Registration Unconstitutional
Posted On 2 Mar, 2014 Under current Pennsylvania law, juvenile sex offenders have to comply with lifetime registration requirements. But this month, a third Pennsylvania judge ruled that law unconstitutional, setting the stage for the issue to be addressed…
Full Article
Talk Radio: NATIONAL REFORM SEX OFFENDER LAWS – “The Big Picture affecting our nation. Posted On 2 Mar, 2014 Part 1: March 2, 2014 – 8 pm PST The vision and mission of this organization. The effect sex offender laws have on the community. Call in to speak with the host (619) 393-2837 A national organization sees the issue and the affect demoralizing a sex offender has on communities, and why it is imperative to change this thinking to heal society, the victim and the offender. We will detail the National RSOL and what it is doing to protect the nation and reform sex offender issues
Canada: Proposed sex-offender registry will not deter crime, criminal lawyer warns Posted On 28 Feb, 2014 The Conservative government’s plan to create a publicly-accessible database of child sex offenders will do little if anything to deter sex crimes and could actually lead to an increase in offences, an Ottawa-based defense lawyer warns. Michael Spratt, who has testified at numerous parliamentary committees on criminal legislation, says the sex registry is being sold as a way to protect children and assist parents, but it is nothing more than “false advertising.” The Conservative government’s legislation, introduced Wednesday, would create a publicly-accessible database of high-risk child sex offenders. It would also require registered sex offenders to provide more information when they travel abroad and permit more sharing of information between federal agencies
FL: Longer sentences linked to increased recidivism Posted On 10 Mar, 2014 Letter to the Editor - The conclusion of Florida’s 2014 Legislature will see children at greater risk, not safer. Principal among the proposals “strengthening” laws to protect children are measures to lengthen prison terms for…
Assembly Bill Would Increase Sex Offender Rights  “Assembly Bill 1640, if passed, would be an important step toward restoring the civil rights of registered citizens,” stated CA RSOL President Janice Bellucci.  “The bill would ensure that courts throughout the state of California consistently enforce recent court decisions.”
South Pasadena agrees not to enforce city’s presence restrictions Posted On 7 Mar, 2014 The City of South Pasadena has agreed not to enforce its presence restrictions which prohibited all registered citizens from “loitering” in the city’s parks, library, school bus stops, restaurants with children’s
CT: Council drops proposal to ban sex offenders in Wallingford parks Posted On 7 Mar, 2014 WALLINGFORD — Regulations preventing sex offenders from entering parks won’t be pursued by the Town Council, the ordinance committee determined Thursday night. Town Councilor Craig Fishbein, chairman of the committee, said the opinion…
Full Article
When Should Someone Have to Register as a Sex Offender? Posted On 23 Mar, 2014 Sex-offender registries, well intentioned but with some faults still being ironed out, have been around in various jurisdictions at least since 2006, when the U.S. Congress passed the Adam Walsh Act. In many jurisdictions, changes were made after college kids caught urinating outdoors were charged with indecent exposure — landing them on sex-offender registries and all the Google searches that go with it.
 Scrutiny suspends websites’ dealings Posted On 23 Mar, 2014 A shadowy network of Arizona-based Internet companies that used public records to demand money from sex offenders and harass those who complained has imploded amid lawsuits, court hearings and new standards enacted by banks, social media and technology companies. The websites, including, SORArchives and, in November stopped seeking payments from people in exchange for removing profiles, blaming the change on “many conflicts, threats, unreasonable requests and false accusations about this website.” The move followed decisions by MasterCard, Visa, Discover and PayPal to stop processing transactions from what many describe as extortion websites. Google also changed its formula to prevent sites from using search-engine algorithms to increase viewership and monetize on public records such as police mugshots.
U.N. Report Declares Internet Access a Human Right Posted On 21 Mar, 2014 A United Nations report said Friday that disconnecting people from the internet is a human rights violation and against international law. 
I say RIGHT ON to this! Now we need the United Nations to stop the public exploitation of sex offenders on the internet.

FL: ACLU Holds Forum on Sex Offender Registry Restrictions Posted On 20 Mar, 2014 This past Saturday, the ACLU of Florida held a forum on the efficacy of sex offender residency restrictions. The event, moderated by CBS 4 Reporter Jim DeFede, sought to answer the question of whether the residency restrictions imposed on sex offenders are based on evidence or politics and, more importantly, whether they are actually making our communities safer.
Full Article

MA: Court Says Sex Offender Law Not Retroactive Posted On 26 Mar, 2014 BOSTON (AP) — The state’s highest court has ruled that Massachusetts cannot retroactively post information about thousands of registered sex offenders on the Internet. Full Article Related: July 2013 Ruling /  Preliminary …
Full Article
MN: Federal judge calls Minnesota civil commitment program “draconian” Posted On 26 Mar, 2014 Three weeks ago, a federal judge issued his long-awaited ruling in a civil rights case brought by civil detainees over the constitutionality of the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP). Although stopping short, for now, of declaring the program unconstitutional, the judge ordered new procedures to make release attainable for the 700 detainees. He warned that he may ultimately find the program to be unconstitutional if he determines that it is essentially punitive or if it confines men who are no longer dangerous. “The time for legislative action is now,” wrote US District Judge Donovan Frank.
Aus: Sex offender squad faces axe Posted On 2 Apr, 2014 A specialist WA Police squad responsible for monitoring thousands of convicted sex predators could be axed as part of a push to shave millions off the police budget’s bottom line. A high-level razor gang has been examining the operations…
Suits challenge sex offender laws Posted On 1 Apr, 2014 Lawyer and her reform group were prompted by recent appellate court ruling A civil rights lawyer aiming to reform sex offender laws has started suing municipalities across California to force the removal of ordinances that bar sex offenders…
Janice Bellucci, who practices in Santa Maria and is president of the group California Reform Sex Offender Laws, said the ordinances violate the state and federal constitutions.
W.A.R. Press Release sent to Texas Media
Posted On 1 Apr, 2014
Pedophile—what does it mean and when should it be used?
How does one convey the proper use of a tired and overworked word to those who have the eyes and ears in the state of Texas? Women Against Registry, a national organization of wives, mothers, girlfriends, grand-mothers and other family members of registrants would like to make the media and ultimately the public aware of the effects that this misapplied term has on their families. Our families face many obstacles; Having our homes set on fire, our children beaten, signs placed in our yards, people driving by shouting obscenities, rude gestures, vehicles/property damaged, asked to leave our churches and other organizations, children passed over for educational opportunities, flyers distributed around our neighborhoods, wives lose their jobs when someone learns they are married to a registrant and even murder by self-proclaimed heroes who more accurately are vigilante criminals. The media carries this message to the public who then contact their legislators to protect children from all the “pedophiles”. The uneducated information the media disseminates to the public is driving wedges in society and causing people harm.
What is pedophilia?
Pedophilia is a diagnostic term utilized by the psychiatric community to define a specific type of mental disorder. As such, the term had originally been intended to identify a clinical entity in a way that would both facilitate research and guide treatment. Although in the absence of treatment the condition can predispose illegal behaviors, in and of itself pedophilia is not inevitably associated with criminal misconduct. Nevertheless,nowadays the term has taken on an unintended meaning in society’s collective consciousness—a demonizing pejorative that stigmatizes those manifesting the condition. To many in contemporary society, the term pedophilia connotes a criminal mind-set, rather than a mental disorder.

What does pedophile mean?
A pedophile is a person who has a sustained sexual orientation toward children, generally aged 13 or younger. Not all pedophiles are child molesters (or vice versa). “Child molesters are defined by their acts; pedophiles are defined by their desires,” Blanchard says. “Some pedophiles refrain from sexually approaching any child for their entire lives.” But it’s not clear how common that is. (Ray Blanchard, PhD, adjunct psychiatry professor at the University of Toronto.)
What is a sexual predator?
While the term “sexual predator” is sometimes used to describe anybody who obtains sexual contact via less-than-honest means, the term has a clear legal connotation, as well. Used to refer to both potential sex criminals and those who have a history of committing sexual crimes, the term is sometimes confusing to those outside law enforcement.
Who are the registrants?
According to the NCMEC, as of December 2013 there were 769,402 men, women and children as young as years old on the registry nationally with more are being added at record-breaking rates. The increased growth of registrants is creating the work load of law enforcement to become impossible. The state of Texas makes up 78,869 of the above total registered citizens. The “sexual offenses” across the nation can range from; urinating in public (indecent exposure), sexting, incest, mooning, exposure, false accusations by a soon-to-be ex-wife, angry girlfriend, spiteful students, viewing abusive/ suggestive images of anyone18 years old or younger, playing doctor, prostitution, solicitation, Romeo and Juliet consensual relationships, rape, endangering the welfare of a child and many others. More and more higher courts are declaring some of the laws unconstitutional. Women Against Registry believes when a person has been convicted, paid their debt to society and are living a law-abiding life they should be allowed to move on and become a contributing, tax-paying citizen.
Kimberly DuBina, W.A.R. Director states, “According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics the recidivism (re-offense) rate for a new sexual offense is 5.3% BUT, the conviction rate is 3%.”
Many law enforcement, child abuse task force personnel and even victim’s right advocates are informing the public that 95% of sexual offenses occur within the family, their friends or those close to children which never get reported. Lawmakers have become increasingly fruitful when writing legislation built around a few high profile crimes involving children.
It is clear from this review of recent policies enacted to protect communities from sexual violence that the proliferation of well-intentioned political efforts to curb sexual violence has led to the creation of laws lacking a solid evidence base. Although additional community-based studies are needed, research to date indicates after 15 years, laws have little impact on recidivism rates and the incidence of sexually based crimes. The most significantly noted impact of these laws seems to be the numerous collateral consequences for communities, registered sex offenders (including a potential increased risk for recidivism), and their family members.
Dr. Jill Levenson, in the Collateral Damage – Family of Registered Sex Offender Impact Study said, “In contrast to the guidelines set forth by the Adam Walsh Act, evidence-based sex crime policies which employ empirically validated risk assessment strategies would be more apt to accomplish goals of public safety and successful reintegration.”
W.A.R. has begun “Pushing Back” on laws, restrictions and especially media fear-mongering which is annihilating our families. Vicki Henry, President says, “Each time the media misuses the word pedophile it diminishes a registrant family’s chance of successful reintegration.” She went on to say, “We are concerned about all children and are actively collaborating with other organizations on prevention messages and programs.”
We are at a tipping point where reason must be applied to this run-away train of laws that are demolishing everything in its path.
Contact: Vicki Henry, President
Women Against Registry
The Evolution of Unconstitutionality in Sex Offender Registration Laws
Posted On 14 Apr, 2014
More is not always better. Consider sex offender registration laws. Initially anchored by rational basis, registration schemes have spiraled out of control because legislators, eager to please a fearful public, have been given unfettered freedom by a deferential judiciary.
This Article does not challenge the state’s legislative power to enact sex offender registration laws. Instead, this Article posits that, even if sex offender registration schemes initially were constitutional, serially amended sex offender registration schemes—what this Article dubs super-registration schemes—are not. Their emergence demands reexamination of the traditionally held assumptions that defined original registration laws as civil regulations.
Two intertwined causes are responsible for the schemes’ constitutional downfall. The first is a legislative body eager to draft increasingly harsh registration and notification schemes to please an electorate that subsists on a steady diet of fear. When combined with the second cause, a Supreme Court that has yet to signal much-needed boundaries, the ensuing consequence is runaway legislation that is no longer rationally connected to its regulatory purpose. Ultimately, this Article is a cautionary tale of legislation that has become unmoored from its constitutional grounding because of its punitive effect and excessive reach.
Catherine L. Carpenter was a Keynote speaker at the National RSOL conference in Los Angeles in August 2013. Her presentation and others can be viewed here:
WA: Yakima County judge blocks release of sex offender information Posted On 12 Apr, 2014 YAKIMA, Wash. — A Yakima County judge has blocked the release of names and addresses of low-level sex offenders to a Mesa woman who wants to post the information on a website. Ruling Friday, Superior Court Judge Blaine Gibson permanently …
 Do sex offender registries, like new ‘OffenderWatch,’ make us safer? (Op-Ed)
Posted On 11 Apr, 2014 Today the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office announced it was launching “OffenderWatch,” a brand-new way to be scared of your neighbors. … I have a few questions: Why? And what, exactly, are you to do with this information? Do you…

WA: Exonerated Father Awarded $9 Million after 20 Years in Prison on False Sex Abuse Charges Posted On 9 Apr, 2014 A father who spent 20 years in prison based on sex abuse evidence fabricated by two former Clark County, WA, sheriff’s detectives was awarded $9 million by a federal court jury that ruled that the authorities violated his constitutional …
AK: Alaska Supreme Court overturns 2006 conviction Posted On 29 Apr, 2014 The Alaska Supreme Court last week overturned the conviction of a 62-year-old Ketchikan man who had been found guilty in 2006 of failure to register as a sex offender. In its April 25th opinion, the court writes that the original offense for…
Full Article
 Posted On 30 Apr, 2014 Sacramento County became the latest governmental entity Wednesday to be sued over an ordinance limiting the movements of registered sex offenders near parks and other public places, but the practical effect of the suit may be negligible.…
Full Article

State Senate Passes Bill to Prohibit Internet Extortion

The California Senate has voted unanimously to approve a bill (SB 1027) that would prohibit the commercial use of booking photos.  The bill would also provide individuals with the ability to sue anyone who publishes or otherwise disseminates booking photos and then requires payment of a fee
or other consideration to remove, correct or modify that photo.  Those who violate the law are subject to “an amount equal to the greater of $1,000 per violation or the actual damages suffered”, along with costs, attorney’s fees and any other legal or equitable relief.

“Private websites are currently posting booking photos of registered citizens and requiring them to pay up to $500 for removal of those photos,” stated CA RSOL President Janice Bellucci.  “This bill would stop that unlawful practice of internet extortion.”

The Senate approved the bill on April 28 on which date the bill was transferred to the California Assembly for its consideration.  California RSOL supports this bill and is lobbying on its behalf.

NH: Sex offender registry law is unconstitutional
Posted On 8 May, 2014 Today, New Hampshire’s Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that will turn on the basic constitutional principle that criminal laws cannot be retroactive, thus punishing someone for an act that was legal at the time. Nor can the punishment…
Full Article

CO: Sex offender residency restrictions being scaled back
Less than 10 years after many cities rushed to draw restrictions and boundaries on where registered sex offenders could live, the trend is now reversing after a court case ruled one city’s restrictions in conflict of state interests.…
Full Article

NH: New Hampshire sex offender fights registry rules
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The New Hampshire Supreme Court will hear a challenge to the constitutionality of sex offender registry requirements for convicts whose crimes were committed before the legislature imposed more stringent rules.…
Full Article

PA: Juvenile sex-offender registries are challenged
Though tried in juvenile court, with its focus on privacy and rehabilitation, he was later required by a 2012 Pennsylvania law to register as a sex offender — branded a long-term danger to society, with no way off the list for at least 25 years.…
Full Article

Sacramento County Ordinance Challenged in Federal Court

A lawsuit challenging a sex offender ordinance adopted by Sacramento County was filed today in federal district court. This lawsuit is the sixth in a series of lawsuits challenging sex offender ordinances adopted by local governments that…
Do sex offender restrictions work?
JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – When we talk about sex offenders emotion tends to take over.  Call it a protective instinct.  We don’t want them living near our children or where our children go to school or play.
Officials push to amend Nevada’s controversial sex offender law Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore on Thursday said she would use one of her bill drafts in the next legislative session to rework the state’s controversial sex offender law that was adopted to comply with a federal act.
In 2006, Congress approved the Adam Walsh Act as a guideline for state laws on sex crimes. The act was intended to toughen punishment for sex offenders and make their photos, names and addresses available to the general public. Full Article
Europe’s top court backs ‘right to be forgotten’ in Google case
Posted On 13 May, 2014
BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Internet companies can be made to remove irrelevant or excessive personal information from search engine results, Europe’s top court ruled on Tuesday in a case pitting privacy campaigners against Google. Full Article
Sex offender seeks $215K for time served in Calif. prisons
Posted On 10 May, 2014
SACRAMENTO – A state hearing officer is recommending a convicted sex offender be paid $215,200 for the nearly seven years he spent in California prisons for failing to register after he moved from his native Rhode Island.
____ ____ ____, 50, doesn’t deny sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl in Providence in 1991, but claims the Rhode Island conviction for second-degree child molestation did not require him to register as a sex offender when he moved to California. Full Article
OK: Removes 2,400 Registered Sex Offenders After Supreme Court Ruling
Posted On 9 May, 2014
Oklahoma has removed 2,400 sex offenders from its registry since a state Supreme Court decision six months ago.
The legislature passed a law in 2007 increasing the number of years sex offenders have to register and it was applied to people already convicted, but the Oklahoma Supreme Court said the law could only apply to people going forward. Full Article
I know yeah. I saw this coming. Oklahoma is a friendly place with great people living there. My mom's ex boy friend lives there and he is the coolest Harley rider around. Texas can always learn from the neighborliness of Oklahoma.

Florida sex offender granted asylum in Canada
Posted On 16 May, 2014
A Florida sex offender, who claimed asylum in Saskatchewan, has been granted protected person status. In 2008, ____ ____ was convicted of having unlawful sex with a minor. According to American media reports, the boy was 16-years-old and played on her son’s baseball team.
____ fled to Canada in 2010 before she could be sent to prison. She was sentenced to 30 years in jail and is still wanted in the United States. ____ claimed her sentence was cruel and unusual punishment and after arriving in Saskatchewan, she asked for asylum. Full Article
Jury awards 3.4M to victims of sex offender websites
Posted On 16 May, 2014
Victims targeted for harassment on sex-offender websites pleaded with a Maricopa County jury to financially punish the owner and take away his ability to continue operating. Full Article

TX: Anson landlord willing to fight city for sex offender tenant
Posted On 15 May, 2014
The city of Anson is stirring over a controversy dealing with a landlord and his tenant who is a registered sex offender. On Saturday, the landlord said he was surprised when he got a citation stating that his tenant broke city law by living within 1,000 feet of a local middle school. Full Article
In most Texas small towns: the town surrounds the school. The school is always the most expensive and nicest building in the town.
Federal Court
Posted On 27 May, 2014
The City of Stockton’s sex offender ordinance was challenged today in federal district court.  The ordinance prohibits all registered citizens from loitering in or within 300 feet of public parks, libraries, and swimming pools as well as privately owned video arcades and recreational areas.
“This is the tenth ordinance to be challenged in ten weeks,” stated CA RSOL president Janice Bellucci.  “It is our hope that all cities and counties that have similar ordinances will soon choose to repeal their ordinances which violate both the state and federal constitutions.”
The first lawsuit in the series of ten lawsuits filed which challenge city or county ordinances was a challenge against the City of Pomona (March 24).  The next eights lawsuits to be filed challenged ordinances adopted by the City of South Lake Tahoe (March 31), National City (April 4), Carson (April 11), Lompoc (April 21), Sacramento County (April 30), Santa Ana (May 7), Wasco (May 16), and Ontario (May 21).
Settlement negotiations, which include repeal of the challenged ordinance and attorneys fees, have begun with three of the ten cities against whom lawsuits have been filed.  In addition, more than 20 cities including Anaheim, Tustin, El Centro, Porterville, and Claremont have repealed or agreed to repeal their sex offender ordinances without being sued.
Say this in a Texas accent; You know them Californians are doing new things out there. I am proud I lived in California for almost a decade. The land and the ocean was beautiful, but I miss the people more than anything. I have been all over this great nation and the California people are the most friendliest people in our great country. When California takes it to Federal Court it will help us all; from reaping what we sew by cruelly treating our fellow citizens.

TX: Rise in Overturned Sexual Abuse Convictions from DNA Testing
Posted On 27 May, 2014
Being accused of a crime you haven’t committed can be devastating. Unfortunately, several wrongly convicted individuals are just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after years behind bars. Falsified claims are a serious threat and this issue is quickly becoming recognized by mainstream media. In particular, false allegations involving child sexual abuse or child abuse can wreak havoc to family relations and cause lingering stress. Recently thousands of untested DNA rape and sexual abuse kits were sent to a third party crime lab for testing after decades collecting dust in Harris County evidence rooms. Fortunately, a few cases have already been turned over after DNA evidence proved their innocence. Full Article
Texas is changing slowly. What we need is more modern free think Democrats in office here. I love our Republican leaders here; they are good folks. When you have republican control for 50 years in a row, that is not America; it is a monopoly. Never the less Texas is great, visit any small town in Texas to see for yourself.
US Sex Offender Registration Laws

Use this to decide on what state to move to; in the land of the free.

Posted On 19 May, 2014

How to Stay Compliant by Meeting State Registration Requirements
Registered citizens must meet registration requirements in the states they visit as well the states in which they reside. State visitor requirements vary widely from 48 hours in Florida to 10 days in Hawaii. These requirements apply regardless of whether the visit is a vacation, business trip or school-related activity.

“It is essential for registered citizens to remain compliant when they visit another state,” said CA RSOL President Janice Bellucci. “In order to remain compliant, registered citizens must know the requirements of the state they choose to visit.”

Below is a link to a spreadsheet that provides an overview of requirements for state visitors as well as the verbatim laws from which this information was gathered (current as of May 2014). This information will be permanently linked from the main Navigation under “Legal”.

US Registration Laws Overview

TypeFile NameSize

Rsol States Overview 86.7k

Individual State Laws

TypeFile NameSize

Rsol Alabama Reg Req New 140410 250.6k

Rsol Alaska Sex off Reg 140406 150.7k

Rsol Arizona Sex off Reg Req 140407 79.5k

Rsol Arkansas Reg Req 140406 257.5k

Rsol California Reg Reqmnts 140406 182.6k

Rsol Colorado New Reg Req 140429 318.5k

Rsol Connecticut New Reg Req 140429 154.4k

Rsol Dc New Reg Req All 140429 164.6k

Rsol Delaware Reg Req from Del Gov 140410 131.8k

Rsol Florida Reg Req Full 775 21 to 944 607 140412 250.8k

Rsol Georgia Text 42 1 12 through 42 1 19 129.1k

Rsol Hawaii Reg Req 846e 1 to 12 140415 114.5k

Rsol Idaho Reg Req 140415 260.9k

Rsol Illinois Reg Req 140415 233.4k

Rsol Indiana Reg Req 140416 404.9k

Rsol Iowa Reg Req 140417 475.7k

Rsol Kansas Reg Req 140421 180.8k

Rsol Kentucky Reg Req 140422 112.4k

Rsol Louisiana Lexis Reg Geq 140422 533.9k

Rsol Maine Reg Req Lexis 140422 109.7k

Rsol Maryland Lexis Reg Req 140422 348.8k

Rsol Massachusetts Reg Req 140422 220.6k

Rsol Michigan Reg Req 140422 310.2k

Rsol Minnesota Reg Req 140422 185.1k

Rsol Mississippi Reg Req 140422 210.2k

Rsol Missouri Reg Req 140422 126.7k

Rsol Montana Reg Req 140422 104.4k

Rsol Nebraska Reg Req 140423 212.7k

Rsol Nevada Reg Req 179d 176 0931 62f Etc 140423 183.6k

Rsol New Hampshire Reg Req 140423 197.1k

Rsol New Jersey Reg Req 140423 255.8k

Rsol New Mexico Reg Req 140423 130.9k

Rsol New York Reg Req 140423 252.6k

Rsol North Carolina Reg Req 140423 502.8k

Rsol North Dakota Reg Req 140424 63.1k

Rsol Ohio Reg Req 140424 567.6k

Rsol Oklahoma Reg Req 140424 197.3k

Rsol Oregon Reg Req New 2013 140424 508.4k

Rsol Pennsylvania Reg Req 140424 736.4k

Rsol Rhode Island Reg Req 140424 150k

Rsol South Carolina Reg Req 140424 248.5k

Rsol South Dakota Reg Req 140424 352.2k

Rsol Tennessee Reg Req 140425 493.2k

Rsol Texas Word Reg Req 140425 297.3k

Rsol Utah Reg Req 140425 166.6k

Rsol Vermont Reg Req 140425 307.6k

Rsol Virginia Reg Req 140425 360.8k

Rsol Washington Reg Req 140425 238.8k

Rsol West Virginia Reg Req 140425 369.7k

Rsol Wisconsin Reg Req 140425 553.3k

Rsol Wyoming Reg Req 140425 159.


Posted On July 9 2014:

SEX! trafficking law SO FAQ Update:

This is a example how the religious right wing mixing politics and religion with their paranoia and overly judgmental attitude towards any thing having to do with sex; can actually destroy foreign politics.
Please do not pick apart everything I say. I may not be totally accurate. I bet George W. Bush is awesome and I would love to take my bike to his ranch and ride around and hang out with him. He did say: ("The thing about Ozzy is, he's made a lot of big hit recordings: Party With the Animals, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Face in Hell, Black Skies and Bloodbath
in Paradise, Ozzy, Mom loves your stuff." President Bush, May 4, 2002) ,how cool is that?
If you think of the republican party as a whole and how many times they played the sex offender card; as a means of getting votes (and still do) and the republicans that vote for someone and are lead by such fear mongering's; you can only equate this to a paranoia and overly judgmental attitude towards any thing having to do with sex mixed with religious beliefs, or at least a lack of education about sex, or a fear of sex. I am sure that is a huge subject and worth volumes of reading; if that is your subject of research.

Please do not let anything I say detour anyone from the facts.

There are people dyeing, being cooked to death in the heat trying to come over the border; thanks in part by sex trafficking laws, crated in haste; like this.

Republicans argud for changing a 2008 sex trafficking law signed by GOP President George W. Bush that requires deportation hearings before sending back children from non-bordering countries.

I made this graphic; it pats me on the back.
Advocates saw it as a breakthrough on sex trafficking after Congress had already scuttled an earlier attempt at broad immigration reform despite the strong backing of Mr. Bush.
Full Article

Posted On July 9 2014 President Barack Obama travels to Texas, the epicenter of the immigrant influx, on Wednesday. Full Article

But the trip has come under criticism from Republicans and some Democrats because, while it includes a Democratic Party fundraising event, it doesn't stop at the border area where the flood of immigrants cross illegally into the United States.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a possible GOP presidential nominee in 2016, called the situation similar to the much-disparaged federal response to Hurricane Katrina by the Bush administration.

"For him to go to Texas and spend two days shaking down donors and never even getting near the border mess he helped create would be like flying into New Orleans in the highest waters of Katrina to eat Creole cooking, but never getting near the 9th Ward, the Superdome, or the Convention Center where thousands languished in squalor," Huckabee said.

In a conference call Tuesday, White House officials repeatedly emphasized that Obama regarded the immigration crisis as "an urgent humanitarian situation." And that the President is asking Congress for $3.7 billion in emergency funds to better respond to it.

The surge of undocumented youths from Central America has overwhelmed federal facilities and revived the debate over an immigration policy overhaul, one of the most partisan issues in the already overheated political climate of an election year.

U.S. authorities estimate that between 60,000 to 80,000 children without parents will cross the border this year.

The Texas trip will include a meeting with the state's Republican governor, Rick Perry. But even that came about after a political squabble.

Perry refused to greet the President at the airport and instead called for a meeting to discuss the immigration crisis.

In response, Obama invited Perry to a meeting in Dallas with faith leaders and local officials.
Perry, who is seeking to re-establish his national credentials after a disastrous bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, said Tuesday he looked forward to meeting with Obama.
Funding request

Obama's emergency funding request is just over 10% of the $30 billion in proposed border security funding included in the Senate-passed immigration reform bill that House Republican leaders have stalled.

It seeks $1.6 billion for the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice to bolster customs and border efforts as well as cracking down on smugglers, and $300 million for the State Department to help Mexico and Central American governments counter what officials called "misinformation" by smugglers about what immigrants will face on the journey to the U.S. border and once they arrive.

Obama administration officials blame the immigrant influx on dire conditions in countries such as Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador that cause people to send their children on dangerous journeys to the United States with smugglers who falsely promise the kids won't get deported.

Critics, however, say the administration invited the problem by halting deportations of some young immigrants who came to the country illegally in past years.

Tens of thousands of young Hispanic immigrants who have illegally crossed the border into Texas this year remain in limbo while waiting to be processed and possibly sent back to their home countries.

A main goal is to speed up the processing of arriving young immigrants to send back those who lack legal status.

Obama's funding request also seeks $1.8 billion for the Department of Health and Human Services to provide appropriate care for unaccompanied children crossing the border.

The officials said that money would allow the government to meet its legal and moral obligations for such youngsters now being crammed in overcrowded facilities in several states while awaiting processing.

On Tuesday, the Pentagon said it was processing requests from HHS to house more minors and Defense Department spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby said the matter was still under discussion. But U.S. officials told CNN's Barbara Starr the requests cover about 5,000 new beds at military facilities. There currently is space for about 3,600 children.

The current arrangement is to use military facilities for up to 120 days. Kirby wouldn't speculate whether the time frame would be extended, although he said it's something that would be discussed.
It was unclear how much cooperation Obama would get from congressional Republicans. A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner said the request would be considered.

On the Senate side, Republicans argued for changing a 2008 law signed by GOP President George W. Bush that requires deportation hearings before sending back children from non-bordering countries.

Advocates saw it as a breakthrough on sex trafficking after Congress had already scuttled an earlier attempt at broad immigration reform despite the strong backing of Mr. Bush.

They blame the process for a backlog created by the surge in unaccompanied minors from Central America entering the United States illegally from Mexico.

"I don't think we can solve the problem unless we revisit" the law, said conservative Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas.

Democrats, however, want to keep the law intact to ensure that any children who deserve asylum get due process in the form of a full hearing.

"I'm not inclined to support any policy change that ultimately undermines existing law and would violate the right of someone who is actually a legitimate refugee," said Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, a Democrat of Cuban descent who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. "Each child should be able to make their case as to why they qualify. Many will be sent back but others will qualify. Full Article

Of sex trafficking and International Megan’s Law and cabbages and kings
Posted On 22 May, 2014
A piece of legislation called International Megan’s Law—HR 4573—passed the U.S. House of Representatives, according to this article, June 20.

The bill’s sponsor, U.S. Congressman Chris Smith, has been pushing this bill, in various forms, for years. It is aimed at sex trafficking in general and will largely affect American registrants traveling out of the country, but named after Megan Kanka, a seven year old child who was murdered twenty years ago, and touted as “…the model needed for the U.S. to persuade other countries to take action to stop both child sex tourism within their borders and protect children in the United States and elsewhere,” the focus perceived by the American public is on the taking of American children for use in the forced sex market.Full Article

This is a graphic project I have been working on; about my take on the OVSOM:


IL: Farnham campaign touted his record ‘targeting predators’
Posted On 23 May, 2014
ELGIN — Backers of former state Rep. Keith Farnham of Elgin — who is facing federal charges alleging he had child pornography on his computers — had used his record “targeting predators” as a selling point on a piece of 2010 campaign literature. Full Article
WA: Wanted sex offender lists false address to shock of family in that home
Posted On 23 May, 2014
VANCOUVER, WA (KPTV) - Deputies are searching for a convicted child molester in Clark County, and investigators know ____ ____ isn’t at the address he gave to them.
Upon his recent release from jail on drug charges, _____, 38, listed… Full Article
TX: Rise in Overturned Sexual Abuse Convictions from DNA Testing
Posted On 27 May, 2014
Being accused of a crime you haven’t committed can be devastating. Unfortunately, several wrongly convicted individuals are just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after years behind bars. Falsified claims are a serious …Full Article
OK: Sex registry law needs overhaul
Posted On 4 Jun, 2014
In 2007, the Oklahoma State Legislature approved a new law that required all sex offenders be classified under a three-tier system that placed offenders in a specific category depending on the nature of the sex crime.
However, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (DOC) went a step further and made the new registration law retroactive to 1998. However, in June 2013, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled the retroactive application of the rule was unconstitutional Full Article
NH: House committee passes bill prohibiting restrictions on where sex offenders can live
Posted On 5 Jun, 2014
A House committee easily passed a bill, 18-1, prohibiting restrictions on where sex offenders can live yesterday, noting that judges have twice ruled residency restrictions unconstitutional. Still, lawmakers predicted a tough fight …Full Article
FL: Loopholes cast doubt on effectiveness of sex offender laws in Volusia cities
Posted On 8 Jun, 2014
PORT ORANGE — Registered sex offender ____ ____ ____ lives 2,112 feet from Spruce Creek Elementary School.
He and other offenders who have served their sentences have been the targets in recent months of politicians including the Port…Full Article
PA: Change in sex offender law leads to appeals
Posted On 8 Jun, 2014
In September 2011, ____ ____, then 26, was arrested for having a relationship with a 15-year-old girl. … Six months later, he agreed to plead no contest to misdemeanor counts of indecent assault and corruption of minors, while the …Full Article
City being sued by registered sex offender
Posted On 11 Jun, 2014
The City of Taft is being sued by a registered sex offender. The suit was filed May 29 in federal court and alleges an ordinance passed in 2007 designed to keep sex offenders away from areas where children are likely to congregate is Full Article

City repeals ordinance in response to lawsuit by sex offender
Posted On 22 Jun, 2014
The City of Taft has, for all intents and purposes, settled a lawsuit filed on behalf of a registered sex offender Tuesday night when it repealed a seven-year-old ordinance regulating where convicted sex offenders could live and visit. Full Article
IL: Chicago police easing registration process for sex offenders
Posted On 23 Jun, 2014
Illinois legislators love to pass laws to punish sex offenders. But those laws always increase restrictions. No legislator wants to decrease restrictions on sex offenders, because that would not look good on a mailer by an opponent in the Full Article
MO: Springfield sued over order to close group home
Posted On 27 Jun, 2014
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) – A Missouri nonprofit has filed a lawsuit contending that the city of Springfield violated federal and city laws when it ordered the closure of a group home for recovering alcoholics, drug addicts and sex offenders.… Full Article
 WA: Benton County judge bars county from providing sex offender data
Posted On 29 Jun, 2014
KENNEWICK — A Benton County judge’s signature Friday on four separate orders cleared the way for Donna Zink to appeal in her pursuit to get information on low-level sex offenders.
Superior Court Judge Bruce Spanner has barred the county…Full Article
MN: Sex offender’s case gets review board hearing
Posted On 29 Jun, 2014
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Federal hearings in July will focus on whether one man in the Minnesota Sex Offender Program should be released. U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank and U.S. Magistrate Jeffrey Keyes put the man’s case on a fast track Full Article
FL: Did the police entrap student during sex sting?
Posted On 30 Jun, 2014
There are few things worse than a 24-year-old man seeking sex from a 13-year-old girl, or so it would seem. They should lock him up and throw away the key, or so it would seem. But sometimes, things aren’t what they seem. Full Op-Ed Piece…Full Op-Ed Piece
MD: Ruling could scrub quarter of sex offender registry
Posted On 1 Jul, 2014
One-fourth of the names on Maryland’s sex offender registry could be removed after the state’s top court expanded Monday on an earlier ruling that adding offenders from before the list was created violated the state constitution. The Court of Appeals...Full Article
MA: SJC ruling leads to release of sex offenders
Posted On 1 Jul, 2014
SALEM — Dozens of sex offenders have been released from custody in the two weeks since the state’s highest court ruled that the state’s lifetime community parole law violates the state constitution, the county’s chief prosecutor…Full Article
MD: Court Rules Sex Offenders Who Committed Crimes Before 1995 Removed From Registry
Posted On 3 Jul, 2014
ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A major and controversial court ruling could strike a quarter of all names off Maryland’s sex offender registry. It’s now just a question of when. Full Article
AL: ACLU – Law banning sex offender camp might violate Alabama’s constitution
Posted On 4 Jul, 2014
CLANTON, Alabama — A new law used to shut down a church-affiliated camp for convicted sex offenders in rural Alabama violates a state constitutional amendment designed to protect religious liberty, the American Civil Liberties Union Full Article
PA: Donegal sex offender fights lifetime registration
Posted On 6 Jul, 2014
A Donegal man is challenging the constitutionality of lifetime registration with police ordered for certain sex offenders.
_____ _____’s contention that he should not be required to register for life because it exceeds the maximum prison sentence for his offense is one of several such appeals filed through the Fayette County Public Defender’s Office. Full Article
MN: Federal panel moves on sex offenders release
Posted On 11 Jul, 2014
____ ____ celebrated his 19th birthday by checking into Minnesota’s treatment program for sex offenders.
____ had been in and out of therapy and juvenile detention in Anoka County since he was 12, when his family discovered that he’d…Full Article
Who is to blame for border problem? As always the republicans are trying to blame the president for their own mistakes. In the opinion of this, SO FAQ author; the law that started all this is to blame:
Republicans argud for changing a 2008 sex trafficking law signed by GOP President George W. Bush that requires deportation hearings before sending back children from non-bordering countries.

I made this graphic; it pats me on the back, in my fight to
see true separation and state from our country's leaders.
Advocates saw it as a breakthrough on sex trafficking after Congress had already scuttled an earlier attempt at broad immigration reform despite the strong backing of Mr. Bush.
Full Article

Posted On July 9 2014 President Barack Obama travels to Texas, the epicenter of the immigrant influx, on Wednesday. Full Article

I had this thought last night as I thought of why I stand for the down trodden American citizen of them forced to register as a sex offender in the land of the free. I thought of my main reason of doing this since my first snail mail letter sent to my local political representatives. I have believed from the start that the registration and exploitation of human beings as sex offenders is cruel and unusual punishment and is against every thing our great country stands for. If we go against what we stand for and the foundation of who we are as a country; eventually we will not be the country we are. This poem came to me:
Go to sleep our while our fellow
citizens are (fed to the lions and sent
to the gas chambers; for example).
Wake up to find the land of the free,
our United States is no more.
I would like quote the greatest rock and roll, folk, art, movie ever filmed right here in this aria of Texas where I am writing from:
"City Of Dreams"

Here where you are standing
 The dinosaurs did a dance
 The indians told a story
 Now it has come to pass
 The Indians had a legend
 The Spaniards lived for gold
 The white man came and killed them
 But they haven't really gone
 We live in the city of dreams
 We drive on the highway of fire
 Should we awake
 And find it gone
 Remember this, our favorite town
 From germany and Europe
 And Southern U.S.A.
 They made this little town here
 That we live in to this day
 The children of the white man
 Saw Indians on TV
 And heard about the legend
 How their city was a dream
 We live in the city of dreams
 We drive on the highway of fire
 Should we awake
 And find it gone
 Remember this, our favorite town
 The Civil War is over
 And World War One and Two
 If we can live together
 The dream it might come true
 Underneath the concrete
 The dream is still alive
 A hundred million lifetimes
 A world that never dies
 We live in the city of dreams
 We drive on the highway of fire
 Should we awake
 And find it gone
 Remember this, our favorite town
Watching this movie in my mid 20's is
one of the reasons I wanted to live in Texas.
You had to be there at that time
 to understand.
You can here the song City of Dreams; here:
I love this scene of the movie True Stories and how it brags about Texas inventing computers and being so great:

Women in the News
One thing I have always hated about the media is that if a woman is involved in a crime she is automatically the most pushed story. We have to hear about it on the news until she is convicted. Women are usually charged with a crime they did not comet or punished cruelly and unusually and that is above and beyond unconstitutional and un-American. This also is true with crimes against women sometimes too. I have actually heard local story's here about a husband and wife who are having sex and suddenly the wife says; no she doesn't want to have sex anymore. and the man is charged as a sex offender. Make no mistake I am a women rights advocate until the day I die. I am children's rights advocate too; but anyone that knows anything about this blog website; knows to stay away from children. Being a women and children's rights advocate is the right thing to do and pro-American in everyway. It is a fine line, but the media proves again and again that they do not care about people and only care about ratings. For example and the reason I am writing this:
SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — A high-priced escort accused of leaving a top Google executive to die alone on his yacht after injecting him with heroin pleaded not guilty today to a manslaughter charge.
I am sorry one of my Google brothers choice death. When you choose heroin you choose death. This lady is pleading not guilty because I believe she is not guilty. Story over. Yet it just keeps playing out on national news over and over making me sick. She needs help that is for sure. I would love to see her as one of the very few who survive drug addition. I believe once you are addicted to heroin or cocaine; that is it story over. You can go to prison for 10 years and when you get out you will go right back on heroin. A sad story with a sad ending.
This leads me to a local women so called sex offender story that repulsed me beyond wrong:
Teacher, 28, jailed for FIVE YEARS for having sex with her students at home as husband vows to stand by her after telling court how they liked to engage in orgies
•Brittni Colleps, 28, met the teenagers at Kennedale High School in Texas
•Boys visited her home numerous times where they had group sex
•One student filmed her having sex with others
•Video did not show her face but a distinctive tattoo on her back
•She modeled lingerie for the students and showed off her sex toys'
All students, who were over 18, said they do not consider themselves victims and hid the relationships so she would not get in trouble
•Will be sentenced on Friday and faces up to 20 years behind bars
Look personally I do not think a young person is ready for sex till age 21 and I do not recommend sexual relationships with anymore than 10 years age of difference just like phycology recommends. Yes many times I agree with phycology; who wouldn't? That is still a choice that free people are free to make though. The bottom line is; all these young people were of age and no crime was committed.
Stop pushing media on us all just
because it is odd or rare; like
women accused of sex offences.
To Any Sex Offenders Who Believe Their Privacy Has Been Violated In Our Great Country
If you are a Sex Offender and a American Citizen and can prove someone is stalking you or invading your privacy, you have a right to pursue filing charges on the offenders.
For all other cases of invading privacy or stalking by American Authorities; that is why I have been a ACLU member for over 15 years now. The American Civil Liberties Union protects against corruption and perversion of the law in the United States. They are United States citizens last best hope more often than we would like to admit. I have been a member for over 15 years.
I explore you to give money to the ACLU. At least join and pay the membership dues once a year, which can be as cheap as $5.00 a year. 

The problem would be prooving such a case without you becoming a stalker or eavesdroper. I would sugest if you have the money to hire a private investigator.
We need more rich sex offenders or those accused of sex offences.
Court Cases against invading privacy ie eavesdropping and Texas Stalking Laws:

New York [Penal] Law Sections 250.00, 250.05, 250.10, 250.30, 70.00, 70.15, 80.00, 80.05 (Consol. 1997); New York [Vehicle and Traffic] Law Section 397 (Consol. 1997); People v Fata, 559 N.Y.S.2d 348 (N.Y. App. Div. 1990); Sharon v. Sharon, 647 N.Y.S.2d 355 (N.Y. Sup. Ct. 1990); People v. Kirsh, 575 N.Y.S.2d 306 (N.Y. App. Div. 1991); People v Dunham, 596 N.Y.S.2d 289 (N.Y. Co. Ct. 1992).
Eavesdropping is a class E felony, punishable by up to four years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000 or the amount of the defendant's monetary gain from the violation.

Possession of an eavesdropping device with intent to use it or allow it to be used in violation of the statute is a class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $1,000.
Also illegal (as a class B misdemeanor) is the unauthorized acquisition of information from a telephone company relating to its wires, cables, terminals, and so forth or concerning records of communications passing over its lines. A class B misdemeanor is punishable by up to three months in prison and a fine of up to $500.
Texas Law Concerning Stalking:
Texas Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 85.001. Definitions. (2003)
In this chapter:

(1)  "Claimant" means a party seeking to recover damages under this chapter, including a plaintiff, counterclaimant, cross-claimant, or third-party plaintiff. In an action in which a party seeks recovery of damages under this chapter on behalf of another person, "claimant" includes both that other person and the party seeking recovery of damages.

(2)  "Defendant" includes any party from whom a claimant seeks recovery of damages under this chapter.
(3)  "Family" has the meaning assigned by § 71.003, Family Code.
(4)  "Harassing behavior" means conduct by the defendant directed specifically toward the claimant, including following the claimant, that is reasonably likely to harass, annoy, alarm, abuse, torment, or embarrass the claimant.
Texas Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 85.002. Liability. (1997)
A defendant is liable, as provided by this chapter, to a claimant for damages arising from stalking of the claimant by the defendant.
Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 85.003. Proof. (1997)
(a)  A claimant proves stalking against a defendant by showing:

(1)  on more than one occasion the defendant engaged in harassing behavior;

(2)  as a result of the harassing behavior, the claimant reasonably feared for the claimant's safety or the safety of a member of the claimant's family; and
(3)  the defendant violated a restraining order prohibiting harassing behavior or:
(A) the defendant, while engaged in harassing behavior, by acts or words threatened to inflict bodily injury on the claimant or to commit an offense against the claimant, a member of the claimant's family, or the claimant's property;

(B) the defendant had the apparent ability to carry out the threat;

(C) the defendant's apparent ability to carry out the threat caused the claimant to reasonably fear for the claimant's safety or the safety of a family member;

(D) the claimant at least once clearly demanded that the defendant stop the defendant's harassing behavior;

(E) after the demand to stop by the claimant, the defendant continued the harassing behavior; and

(F) the harassing behavior has been reported to the police as a stalking offense.

(b)  The claimant must, as part of the proof of the behavior described by Subsection (a)(1), submit evidence other than evidence based on the claimant's own perceptions and beliefs.
Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 85.004. Damages. (1997)
A claimant who prevails in a suit under this chapter may recover actual damages and, subject to Chapter 41, exemplary damages.
Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 85.005. Defense. (1997)
It is a defense to an action brought under this chapter that the defendant was engaged in conduct that consisted of activity in support of constitutionally or statutorily protected rights.
Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 85.006. Cause of Action Cumulative. (1997)
The cause of action created by this chapter is cumulative of any other remedy provided by common law or statute.

Laws verie from state to state, check out this great website:


Country singer Tim McGraw not sorry for slapping female fan: ‘Things happen’

Country music star Tim McGraw fell short of apologizing Sunday after viral video showed him slapping a female fan who grabbed his pant leg at his Atlanta concert last weekend.

Video released by TMZ showed the woman grab a piece of the singer’s already-ripped jeans as he walked away. He then turns around and swats the woman’s hands away, then slaps her across the side of the head.

I say "another" because this has happened before. In 2007, at the Cajundome in Louisiana, a female fan reached up and grabbed for McGraw's crotch. Back then, it was his wife Faith Hill who called out the perpetrator in front of the entire crowd.

If you see this show Tim is portrayed as a male stripper if you ask me. Getting real close to the lady's on a make shift stage to accommodate this. If I were Tim I would refuse to do this, but non the less when a woman does this it seems totally socially acceptable to objectify women like this. I am not judging what goes on in concerts. I love music and all the freedom of expression it releases. I think the slap was a offence but so was the crotch grab in 2007. The crotch grab in 2007 was a sex offence to be more precise and why this article belongs here. Also the media jumped on this in a typical grab for ratings by exploiting rich people and women and sexuality, like they always do. It just always gets me how crimes are ignored every minute of every day in the inner cities in our country and story's that concern women or rich people get played non stop on the television. That does not make it right though. Exploiting and objectifying women in the media is wrong and bigoted and sexism and should be challenge at every opportunity. I suggest getting on the email List of the Daily Kos. or this great site for monitoring the media:

This in my opinion proves what I have been saying about conservatives having hang ups about sex and therefore being the most unconstitutional when it comes to cruel and unusual laws against people accused of sex offenses.
Scientists Are Beginning to Figure Out Why Conservatives Are…Conservative

Ten years ago, it was wildly controversial to talk about psychological differences between liberals and conservatives. Today, it's becoming hard not to.

Tue Jul. 15, 2014 6:00 AM EDT
"political conservatives have a "negativity bias," meaning that they are physiologically more attuned to negative (threatening, disgusting) stimuli in their environments. (The paper can be read for free here.)" Full Article
I am going to paste quotes from this paper here:
"(abstinence-only sex education; signed
pledges to never raise taxes; aversion to compromise) do,
as well. Heightened response to the general category of
negative stimuli fits comfortably with a great many of the
typical tenets of political conservatism."
"Is sensitivity to disgust pertinent only to attitudes
regarding homosexuality, to attitudes on all sexually
related issues (e.g., support for abstinence-only sex education,
opposition to pornography, and opposition to abortion
rights), or to conservatism more generally? Empirical
evidence can be found for all of these conclusions. Different
subcategories of negative stimuli appear to connect to
certain political issues more than others."

"This difference in the tendency to regard other persons as negative
has implications for social emotions, particularly when the
other is in a less powerful position relative to the responder.
Among other things, the relatively greater security of liberals
prompts them to regard the less fortunate with pity, whereas
more anxiously attached conservatives tend to regard them with
scorn. This is consistent with the analysis of Haidt (2003), who
described “other condemning” social/moral emotions – anger,
disgust, and contempt – and a conservative “disgust-based moral
order,” which condemns people for what they are more than
what they do, and tends to ostracize and excludes members of
out-groups (based upon ethnicity, religion, social class, sexual
orientation, etc
.). The attachment-security argument also suggests
a developmental origin of the liberal-conservative difference,
consistent with Lakoff’s (2002) suggestion that liberal thought
centers around the Nurturing Parent model of the family as
opposed to Strict Father model of morality underlying conservative
"This work held that
prejudice is based upon parents’ status anxiety leading to harsh
child discipline, consequent repression of aggressive and sexual
on the part of the child, and displacement of aggression
toward weaker groups that was rationalized by projecting one’s
unacceptable sexual and aggressive impulses on those groups.
That psychoanalytically based view of prejudice was questioned
by those who noted that prejudice varied regionally according to
local norms, rather than by personality (e.g., Pettigrew 1961);
and that experimentally-induced failure increases both F scale
scores and tendencies to reject out-groups (e.g., Sales & Friend
1973). Sales (1972; 1973) presented evidence that instances of
social threat (e.g., economic upheavals) have historically been
associated with increases in attendance at authoritarian churches
and other evidence of authoritarianism (e.g., power-oriented
comic book characters, loyalty oaths, suppression of erotica)."
(The paper can be read for free here) I would like to thank David Pakman for featuring this on his broadcast.
There are many more key points in this study that are very enlightening. I advice downloading the PDF and checking it out.

Here is the internet address of Neighborhood Watch:

Abusing Neighborhood Watch (,as a excuse for stalking people is wrong and illegal. Shouldn't this type of activity warrant the NCPC to no longer support such activity? Since NCPC supports such activity, shouldn't they be held accountable?

I invite more people to get involved in complaints to the NCPC by emailing them here: and contacting their representatives.

If this type of business; bordering on vigilantism, is allowed to function in our country; it should be closely regulated by law enforcement and any one else possible.

I hate crime, being a police officer's son all my life tends to bring that out of you. Growing up in the big city, 

* In the City.

 why, because my father was a police officer. This, and the many more times I was a victim of harassment because my father was a police officer really made me hate crime. Neighborhood Watch ( at best is a fine line between being a good guy and being a bully, being lawful and breaking the law.

Check out this cool video:
▶ Official Trailer for LEAKED The Internet Must Go - YouTube
▶ Official Trailer for LEAKED The Internet Must Go - YouTube
Don't let them slow down free speach

Gay Rights and Civil Rights have a lot in common with Sex Offender Rights people. This is definitely true for Gay Rights and Sex Offender Rights:

I remember seeing this when I was a kid
growing up in a small college town. I did a search for
this years ago and found nothing. I am glad this important
graphic has it's place in history. From the Encyclopedia of AIDS.

I do not believe in being quit about injustices to say the least.

The internet provides a great venue to share information for the greater good. 

The internet and free speech has made life better for people around the world.

The internet makes history everyday bringing peace and human
rights to the entire world; like never before in the history of the world.

What if that was all taken away?

Check it out:

I made this:

I am just saying: if you are dealing with people on
their free time, there is a good possibility some of them may
have had a drink or two. The sad historical fact is closed
minded, prejudice, overly judgmental people, booze,
and guns go together. Click Here and Here

* In the city is just like this song says!

It was from this album during the greatest year in the history of the world!

The Eagle Dude is from around these parts and is a environmentalist!
 Last week, President Obama made his strongest statement in support of an open internet since the FCC proposed to end net neutrality back in May:
"One of the issues around net neutrality is whether you are creating different rates or charges for different content providers. That's the big controversy here. So you have big, wealthy media companies who might be willing to pay more and also charge more for spectrum, more bandwidth on the Internet so they can stream movies faster.
 I personally, the position of my administration, as well as a lot of the companies here, is that you don't want to start getting a differentiation in how accessible the Internet is to different users. You want to leave it open so the next Google and the next Facebook can succeed."
This is a positive step for the administration, one which Daily Kos and our allies are hopeful will lead to more leadership. President Obama should continue to push for an open internet–– free from fast and slow lanes controlled by telecom providers.
 But, this isn’t the end. The FCC is an independent agency and FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler needs to change his flawed proposal. With immense political pressure from the public, Congress, combined with President Obama’s leadership, we can prevent the internet from being carved up and sold to the highest bidder.

New information from a medical expert indicates that an executed Ohio inmate was conscious and likely suffered a prolonged and lingering death. In response, the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty has renewed its call for a halt to all executions.
There is a disconnect between the reality of what is taking place in execution chambers in this country and our American values. States that continue to use the death penalty are unable to get it right—in more ways than one.
We are grateful that a federal judge, Judge Gregory Frost, yesterday extended a moratorium on executions in Ohio until January 2015. And we commend Ohio Governor John Kasich for his earlier leadership in postponing executions.
But a minority of states are barreling ahead, unable or unwilling to put the brakes on a broken system. Oklahoma has scheduled 3 executions within a 4-week period later in the year, even though we still don’t have all the answers to what went wrong with the execution of Clayton Lockett who suffered a heart attack after a failed execution took 45 minutes. At the time we thought that was the worst we had ever seen. Then Arizona topped that with the execution of Joseph Wood who gasped for air for nearly 2 hours.
This will not change until concerned citizens insist that these executions stop. We are renewing the call to halt all executions now. Please sign our petition to halt all executions.

I like Rick Perry as a person; I really do, and Greg Abbot too; as a person. Since I am a Democrat I am sure my Brother and Sister Democrats will not like me saying that but it is true. I not only like them, because, to me; they are very likable but because they are such classic Texans; and I do like Texas as well. As politicians though I find them mostly all wrong. Please Rick Perry do not run as president again, give the money to a charity instead. Republicans like Rick Perry and Greg Abbot; should not stand strongly against a subject just because democrats stand for it; and that is all I see from Rick Perry and Greg Abbot.
I made these extreme graphics against The Office of Violent Sex Offender Management (OVSOM)
These graphics are very extreme, because at the time
 I first heard about this agency; I was automatically against it.  

It really bothers me that Rick Perry and Greg Abbot
has aloud this to go on under their watch.
OVSOM is responsible for overseeing about 300 sex offenders who, because of the severity of their crimes, have been kept in state custody through court-ordered civil commitments. Lawyers, constitutional experts and mental health professionals have questioned whether the Texas civil commitment program can withstand a court challenge because of the way it is being operated.
 Specifically, the company complained it is becoming involved in increased litigation filed by the sex offenders and that its employees have to travel from El Paso to Montgomery County to the sole Texas court that handles those cases. It also complained of the agency's "lack of communication, support and secretiveness."
TX: Catch 22 on civil commitment housing: ‘Outpatient treatment’ a cruel farce
Posted On 29 Apr, 2014
There have recently been a spate of stories about housing for “civilly committed” sex offenders, people who’ve completed their sentences but been kept under supervision through civil proceedings, culminating in the resignation of the board chair at Texas’ Office of Violent Sex Offender Management.
But until yesterday’s Houston Chronicle article (“For sex offenders who’ve completed their sentences, ‘the only way out appears to be to die’,” April 26), the focus of discussion had been on demonizing the agency for housing too many such offenders in a handful of neighborhoods. The real problem, though, is the failed, underlying policy which fails to acknowledge that a) these folks must live somewhere and b) public safety is poorly served by ostracizing ex-offenders instead of promoting reintegration.
Comment: This is just another example. I feel that where registered citizens are concerned, their punishment is a crime worse than the original crime.
Both the American public, and the American legal system, seem to have a screw loose when it comes to the topic of sex.
There have recently been a spate of stories about housing for "civilly committed" sex offenders, people who've completed their sentences but been kept under supervision through civil proceedings, culminating in the resignation of the board chair at Texas' Office of Violent Sex Offender Management. But until yesterday's Houston Chronicle article ("For sex offenders who've completed their sentences, 'the only way out appears to be to die'," April 26), the focus of discussion had been on demonizing the agency for housing too many such offenders in a handful of neighborhoods. The real problem, though, is the failed, underlying policy which fails to acknowledge that a) these folks must live somewhere and b) public safety is poorly served by ostracizing ex-offenders instead of promoting reintegration. The article opened:
And that leads me to the email I just got and why I just posted all this:
Governor Rick Perry was indicted by a grand jury today on two criminal charges: coercion and abuse of power.
He attempted to use taxpayer money (your money!) to bribe an elected official to quit office. And to make matters worse, since this case started four months ago, Perry has been billing taxpayers for his legal defense at a rate of $450 an hour, so far totaling more than $40,000.
Perry’s track record of insider conduct reflects a disturbing pattern of Republican misconduct. Now he’ll get booked, have his mugshot taken and his fingerprints recorded.
But questions remain. Has Attorney General Greg Abbott - the state's watchdog and Republican candidate for Governor - advised or condoned these actions? Government is supposed to be for the people, but with these guys - it's just for insiders.
Progress Texas has been a leading advocate against Gov. Perry’s illegal actions, and we’ll continue to lead in demanding answers from our elected officials.
Check out our work on Perry’s indictment scandal and this handy list of ten facts you need to understand these criminal charges.
I made this graphic.
Click it to take a stand like a true blue American would.
If it was not for American's taking a stand; there would be no America!

It is proving that physically hurting a person is much worse psychologically and physically than sexually assaulting them.
How did society every survive without all these new sex offender laws? Wake up everyone.

I have been wanting this for years. I used to blog against this years ago; with the help of the ACLU; as these swat teams would bust into the wrong houses in our urban inner city neighborhoods; murdering and maiming innocent people by mistake.  
Our police force is not the military; they are our family members and neighbors.
 Aug 20 at 3:54 PM 

For the past several nights I’ve been glued to the Internet watching livestreams and social media coming out of Ferguson, MO. It’s been heartwrenching, but has also reminded me why I care so much about Internet freedom: it allows for free speech and discussion like never before.

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos and photos: cops firing tear gas and concussion grenades into residential neighborhoods, threatening and arresting journalists at gunpoint, and brutally suppressing protesters standing with their hands in the air chanting, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!”[1][2]

The images are frightening. But even more frightening is the reality that this type of crackdown could become commonplace, thanks to millions of dollars of Federal funding that incentivize police forces to resemble an invading army. It has to stop.

Technology should be used to amplify people’s voices, not silence them. As an organization that advocates for tech in the public interest, we felt we have a real role to play to make this stop.

I’ve seen this type of behavior from police before -- after a quick poll we discovered 50% of the Fight for the Future team has been teargassed at demonstrations at one time or another. But this time the abuse has been so egregious that there have been calls from both left and right demanding to know: just how did it get this way?

The story goes a lot like the story of how we got into this mess with NSA surveillance. Defense contractors working their magic in Washington, DC got the Department of Homeland Security to start offering more than $30 billion in grants to local police departments for all kinds of crowd control “toys.”[3] They received even more weaponry through the 1033 transfer program that put military-grade weapons directly in the hands of local cops. [4] Defense contractors profit greatly off of this program, which has created a dangerous situation where local police are compelled to use what weapons they have on crowds of people expressing themselves.

The police violence in Ferguson brought this secretive history hurtling into view. Barack Obama and Rand Paul (neither of whom I’m a big fan of) have both made statements suggesting that police should not be silencing voices of dissent and brutalizing journalists with weapons of military occupation. [5][6] But talk is cheap. We need action right now.

Despite the enforced media blackout, it’s been relatively easy to get breaking news out of Ferguson thanks to free and uncensored Internet. (Oh, except on Facebook, but that’s another story. [7]) Through livestreams, twitter, and various blogs, I’ve watched with my own eyes and saw a SWAT officer rip a press badge off of VICE News reporter Tim Pool, saying “this doesn’t mean shit” while separating “credentialed” reporters from citizen journalists. [8] I watched cops with submachine guns telling journalists to “separate themselves” from protesters and get in their “designated area.” [9][10]

Everybody wants to live in safe cities. Nobody likes getting mugged. But if we give our police free reign to buy the latest sub-lethal grenades, chemical weapons or surveillance gadgets the military industrial complex cooks up, it’s only a matter of time before they use them in terrible ways against people like us. If this goes unchecked, the next Ferguson will be a lot worse.

Tell your representatives to protect the 1st amendment and cut funding for police brutality.

We’ve learned all too well in the last year how dangerous technology can be when it’s used against us rather than for us. Now is our chance to make it clear that no government or corporation should be able to accumulate weapons and technology for the purpose of suppressing free speech and a free press.

It’s going to take a lot more than contacting Congress to dismantle the underlying injustices that have lead to the uprising and repression in Ferguson, but for the first time in a long time, we have a real chance to turn the tide on this issue, and make the world a safer place for when our children stand up to protest the things that they see wrong in the world.

For freedom online and off,
-Evan at Fight for the Future, with love from the whole team

P.S. While #Ferguson has definitely occupied some of my mind lately, it’s mostly just strengthened my resolve to keep fighting for the free and open Internet. It’s going to be a long road to justice, but the Internet gives us a chance. This article says a lot of things about Ferguson and the open Internet that I have been thinking but couldn’t have articulated so well. Very worth a read and a share.

If you’re feeling like you want to do more to support people on the ground in Ferguson speaking out in the face of overwhelming police violence, please donate to the bail fund that’s been set up for protesters there.

SOURCES (there’s a lot this time!)
[1] Bindrim, Kira. “Tear Gas Used as Protests Erupt in Ferguson, Missouri”. Newsweek.
[2]Crilly, Rob. ”Supporters rally for police officer who shot dead Michael Brown“. Telegraph.
[3] Priest, Dana and William Arkin. “Monitoring America”. Washington Post.
[4] Mastio, David and Kelsey Rupp. “Pentagon weaponry in St. Louis County: Updated Column”. USA Today.
[5] Paul, Rand. “Rand Paul: We Must Demilitarize the Police”. TIME.
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[7] Tufekci, Zeynep. “What happens to #Ferguson affects Ferguson”
[8] Pool, Tim (Timcast). “Earlier tonight an officer ripped my Press patch from my vest in #Ferguson”. Tweet.
[9] Harris, Joe ‏(joeharris_stl). “Media being told to stay within designated area. #ferguson”. Tweet.
[10] Harris, Joe ‏(joeharris_stl). “Police asking all members of the media to please separate themselves. #Ferguson”. Tweet.
Sometimes I get stuff from  email so  it may not be on n the internet.
Then there are things posted then taken down; etcetera.
I actually try not to ad my own words.
I have to arrange everything and ad links so it is still not easy
I am grateful for free speech and freedom of the press
and this information being available on the internet..
I just want to remind any women that might view this blog; that I have been fighting for women's rights for almost 20 years now. I have blogged at the fore front of women's rights; often times to be the only person blogging on the subject at all in high profile sites. I have always been big on sexual assaults in the military as reflected on my  Older Blogs  page and equal pay.
Pasted from a email I just got:
Tomorrow is Women’s Equality Day. USAction and our allies across the country are calling for policies that work for women and families.
Click here to sign.
My favorite women's rights representative is Hillary Clinton. This is one of the most awesome things I have ever heard a politician say:
I made this graphic the day after she said this, after I saw it on the news.
Click here to make your voice heard.
 The future of the Internet affects us all?
 Can you believe that despite over a million people from all around the country submitting comments to the FCC in support of net neutrality, the FCC still doesn’t get that the future of the Internet affects us all?

 The FCC is planning to hold almost all its public hearings on net neutrality in the Washington, DC area. That’s a pretty limited “public” they’re hearing from.

 These proposed rules on net neutrality will shape the future of the Internet – shouldn’t we all have a voice in this debate, not just political insiders and powerful corporations?

Let the FCC know they need to get out of DC and visit the rest of the country – and hear what we all have to say about net neutrality.

 No more behind-closed-door meetings or meetings with political insiders and powerful corporations. The open Internet affects us all – and the FCC has the responsibility to hear from all of us.

 Thirteen senators and 37 members of the House have already called on the FCC to reclassify broadband and protect net neutrality. Not only that but various state officials have invited FCC commissioners to hold roundtable public discussions in their state.

Let’s pressure the FCC to accept their invitations and hear from Americans around the country.

 The FCC will vote on this proposal by the end of the year – and if they kill net neutrality, it will threaten the open and free Internet we’ve come to love and depend on.

 Powerful corporations are lobbying the FCC hard – and if they win, they will be able to charge more for an Internet “fast lane” and determine what we access online. It’s up to us not to let them get away with it.

Don’t let them drown out our voices. We need to make sure the FCC listens to us, and hears how their policies affect us. It’s up to us to save the Internet, together.

Join us and demand that the FCC hold public hearings about the future of the Internet.
Posted On 24 Jul, 2014
Registered sex offender Frank Lindsay today challenged an ordinance adopted by the City of Hesperia which prohibits him and all other registered citizens from visiting public and private locations as well as residing within that city. … Full Article Full Article
City to alter sex offender restrictions
Posted On 30 Jul, 2014
STOCKTON – Seemingly without a say in the matter, and with a lawsuit filed against Stockton, the City Council appears likely tonight to repeal an ordinance that restricts some movements of registered sex offenders in places frequented by children.
According to a staff report included in tonight’s meeting agenda, the city has no choice because recent court decisions have decreed that state law on the movement of registered sex offenders preempts local legislation. Full Article
Op-Ed: Sex Offender Laws Have Gone Too Far
Posted On 11 Aug, 2014
Our draconian policies about sex offenses reflect our ignorance of them. … The upshot, experts say, is that the United States has the most draconian sex registration laws in the world. As a result, the number of registrants across the nation has swelled—doubling and then doubling again to 750,000—in the two decades since Jacob’s Law passed, according to data collected by the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Full Article
AZ: Kindergartner is a sex offender? Really?
Posted On 12 Aug, 2014
As we begin another school year, it is reassuring to know that Arizona’s educators are on the prowl, ever on the lookout for sexual predators who may be lurking among our children.
The perverts, the flashers, the five years olds …Wait … what?
It seems a five-year-old Surprise boy was on the playground last spring when suddenly he pulled his pants down. The kid was hauled to the office and forced to sign a form that essentially labeled him a budding sex fiend. Full Article
Steve Blow Is Right About Sex Offender Laws, and Dallas Should Pay Attention
Posted On 14 Aug, 2014
The debate about media sensationalism and moral panic concerning sex offenders is always a tough one for me, mainly because I think most news media chase the public’s interest in stories more than we create it. Our rule usually is that the biggest story is the one the most people will read. In that sense readers tell us what to write more than we tell them what to read.
But, yeah, that is what I would say, isn’t it? When I see somebody else in my craft bringing a sound against-the-grain argument on a terribly inflamed topic like sexual victimization, the least I can do is salute, which is what I’m doing here to Steve Blow. Full Article
Local Sex Offender Watch Alert Barred
Posted On 15 Aug, 2014
Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department can no longer provide a sex offender watch list or alert residents when an offender moves into their neighborhood.
The Sheriff’s Office has been forced by California’s Department of Justice to drop the “Offender Watch” online service which allowed residents to go on line, enter their address and be alerted via email if a sex offender moved in. Full Article
MD: Officials removing names from sex offender registry
Posted On 17 Aug, 2014
BALTIMORE —The list of sex offenders on Maryland’s sex offender registry is shrinking because of a Maryland Court of Appeals ruling in June.
The ruling said corrections officials are legally required to remove the names of offenders who committed their crimes before 1995, when the state registry was created. The court ruled that Maryland can’t make those offenders register after the fact. Full Article
PA: Mandatory minimum sentences are ‘unconstitutional,’ court says
Posted On 23 Aug, 2014
Locals charged with crimes involving drugs, guns or sex abuse could be due relief at sentencing, according to a high-court ruling.
 A Pennsylvania Superior Court opinion has deemed mandatory minimum sentences “unconstitutional,” a ruling which could have major impact on countless cases here and across the state. Full Article
AL: Alabama pastor sues over closure of sex offender camp
Posted On 30 Aug, 2014
BIRMINGHAM – An Alabama pastor who let convicted sex offenders live in a camp behind his rural church filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday claiming a state law that forced him to shut down the operation violated his religious rights.
The American Civil Liberties Union filed the complaint on behalf of Ricky Martin, pastor of Triumph Church in rural Chilton County south of Clanton. Full Article
Wasco sex offender ordinance adopted in 2007 thrown out
Posted On 31 Aug, 2014
WASCO, Calif. – A sex offender ordinance in Wasco challenged by a law firm has been thrown out.
The ordinance adopted by the city in 2007 restricted offenders from getting 300 feet near of public or private places. This involved public libraries, schools, parks, bus stops and child care centers.
A Central Coast law office challenged that ordinance on grounds that it was too broad and violated offenders’ constitutional rights. As part of the settlement, the city of Wasco must now pay legal fees. Article
NC: Brothers cleared of murder, rape charges after 30 years in prison
Posted On 6 Sep, 2014
LUMBERTON, NC (WMBF) – Two half-brothers who were convicted for raping and killing an 11-year-old girl in North Carolina 30 years ago have been cleared of all charges and will be released from jail Tuesday night. Full Article
AR: Advocates Question Effectiveness, Fairness of Sex Offender Registry
Posted On 7 Sep, 2014
Carla Swanson doesn’t object to Arkansas’ sex offender registry, but she thinks it should contain a lot fewer than the 14,000 names currently listed. “So many on the registry are not a threat to society,” Swanson said. “I’m against it being flooded with so many sex offenders” the predators can’t be adequately tracked.
Experts and some studies agree with Swanson, director of Arkansas Time After Time, an organization formed in 2010 to advocate for reforming the sex offender laws. Full Article
Civil rights activist group sues South Pasadena over ‘arbitrary and discriminatory’ sex offender ordinance
Posted On 10 Sep, 2014
SOUTH PASADENA >> A civil rights activist group filed a lawsuit against South Pasadena this week, alleging the city’s sex offender ordinance strips “a socially outcast minority” of their First, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.
Attorney Janice Bellucci, president of the California Reform Sex Offender Laws organization, called South Pasadena’s Title 20E-1 through 20E-10 municipal code arbitrary and discriminatory. The regulation was passed in 2009. Full Article
KS: Supreme Court hears arguments on constitutionality of state’s offender registry
Posted On 11 Sep, 2014
TOPEKA, Kansas — The attorney for a convicted child molester on Thursday challenged the constitutionality of the Kansas offender registry before the state’s highest court, arguing social media has made the Internet the new town square for public shaming.
Attorney Christopher Joseph urged the Kansas Supreme Court to uphold a decision by Shawnee County Judge Larry Hendricks that removed the name of a Lenexa man from the registry. The judge ruled the retroactive application of the Kansas Offender Registration Act when the Legislature amended the law in 2011 violates the U.S. Constitution’s ban on “ex post facto,” or after-the-fact, punishments. Full Article

 I do not care what she was charged with or anything, I just like what this college educated young lady said when she faced this type of charge.

September 15 2014

"I believe in America and what it stands for," Watts told CNN during a joint interview with her boyfriend Brian. "And I believe in freedom. I think that a country that calls itself the land of the free and the home of the brave—if I am within my amendment rights, my Constitutional rights, to say no, unless you're charging me with a crime, I will not be giving you my ID. That is a right I stand up for because of the shoulders that I stand on, because of the people who fought for the rights before me."

 I am posting this because I have said this a thousand times concerning the Christian right wing of our country.


A new Halloween petition on privacy from the ACLU:

The true monster of your worst nightmares may not be a vampire, or a zombie, or a werewolf… it may be the shiny metal object on which you’re reading this email.

 New technologies are making it easier for private companies and the government to learn about everything we do – in our homes, in our cars, in stores, and within our communities. As they collect vast amounts of data about us, things are getting truly spooky!

 Our privacy is being eroded and our freedoms threatened – but we are up for the fight. Are you?

Get an exclusive first look at our new video, “Invasion of the Data Snatchers,” and sign our pledge if you think our privacy laws need to catch up to advances in technology.

 Our new video might make you laugh, but a future without any privacy is just scary. And privacy is not the only thing at stake when everything we say, everywhere we go, and everyone we associate with is fair game.

 We have seen that surveillance – whether by government or corporations – shuts down free speech and free association, undermines a free media, and threatens the free exercise of religion.

 We shouldn’t be forced to choose between new technologies and our liberty. With the proper safeguards, we can regain control over our personal information.

Check out the premiere of our new video and join us in working towards a world where our private data is ours alone.

 The data snatchers are no longer science fiction. They’re closer than you think. But if we work together, we can ward them off.





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